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I'm a Registered Art Therapist (UK) working with various populations such as oncology patients, children and adolescents in primary schools, and patients attending Hospice Day Therapy.  I have a passion for the visual and therapeutic arts, design; both graphic and interior, a minor obsession with organization, and a major love of the outdoors and wide-open spaces.

I am newly wed (well, July 2012) to my husband Devin, and we recently relocated to Cambridge, England in September 2012. I don't use Twitter, I don't have a professional website (but it's in the works), I don't have children (yet) or even a dog (sigh . . . someday). I do however, have a pretty wonderful life and am happy to share moments of it, and the things I love with you on this blog.

Thanks for reading!

Photo by my FABULOUS wedding photographer Traci Turchin @ Real Photography
** See more of her work on this post.

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