Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013


One year ago I was looking out toward the fuzzy future of a life in Cambridge. We were just about to take off for a life we'd been planning for over a year. These were my thoughts at that time

Today, I'm looking into a much less fuzzy future, with many more things known, rather than unknown. In a few hours we'll cycle to our new flat in Cambridge and pick up the keys to our new home. We'll walk through the rooms, wander the front and back gardens making mental notes of things we want to spruce up, or things we're excited to dig into. It's likely that this flat will be our home for the remainder of our time in Cambridge. I can't help but wonder in what ways our lives will unfold within these walls. What experiences we'll have together as a couple, and individually in our own lives and careers.

Packing up our one-bedroom flat at on Charles Babbage Road feels the tiniest bit bittersweet. This will forever be our first home as a married couple. The lens through which we first saw and experienced Cambridge and England. Here, we learned how very little we need to be happy, what little space we actually require (and frankly, even if it was smaller it would have been fine). We discovered what elements make a rented and furnished flat "our own". House plants. Art we love on the walls. Good pans to cook with. A great knife. A favorite mug. Good sheets. The Interwebs. Enough space to lay on the floor.

Our next house is undoubtedly bigger, with more space to fill, and more distance between us as we inhabit different rooms and outdoor spaces. We'll buy more house plants. Hang up some of the same artwork. Cook with the same beloved cookware. Drink warm drinks from favorite mugs. We'll stretch out a bit more, wear headphones less, and host potlucks and parties like we used to do back in Berkeley. I feel like I'll finally settle down and relax into the two years ahead.

I'm looking forward to . . .
A fridge with a freezer.
Ice cubes for cocktails.
Ice cream because we can.
A Washing Machine.
A Dishwasher.
Taking long, warm baths.
Hanging clothes on the line to dry.
Having tea and coffee in the back garden.
Watching the sunset from the front garden.
Stretching out together on a full size couch.
Having a guest bedroom! (Come Visit!)
Closet space.
A five-minute walk to the train station.
A five-minute walk to grocery stores and restaurants.

Flat D30 you've been a good home.
Thanks for the views.
The warmth in the winter.
The hotbox shower.
The south-facing sunshine spilling.

Devin @ Sunset

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