Saturday, September 7, 2013

Last Weekend On The Farm

Doesn't my new haircut look just fabulous? I think so. It's so drastic it makes me look like a whole different person? This is the photo I showed the hairdresser at the Market when I went for a trim last week. She did pretty darn good considering the limitations of: a) I have short bangs and b) This girl has more hair than me. But it's all good. I'm happy. Besides, most of the time I just look like this anyway:


It's been a busy week since my last post. Schools are back in session and I went back to work at my job as an Associate Therapist (that's right, I'm title dropping) at a local primary school. It was and such a great day. The team of mentors and therapists-in-training are entirely new to the school so it was fun to meet everyone and start to show them the ropes. Last year I was volunteering my time so I'm thrilled that I now work for this great organization and even better, I get to carry a full case-load of clients! This coupled with the fact that I also have some administrative responsibilities all adds up to feeling valued and recognized for my experience and education. Whoot! Whoot!

On one of my off days I took a walk through the nearby campus of Churchill College (shout out to The Siepel family!), it was beautiful over that way, full of long green tubes, and golden wheat fields. I'm really going to miss living so close to all these trails, sights and sounds.

Green Tubes at Churchill College

On Thursday I spent the entire day working at the cancer center and man-o-man was it busy. The temperature was in the 80's (20's C) and the center was swarming with people. We had steady stream of people coming in for complimentary therapy treatments, wig fittings, general information, and the phone was ringing off the hook. Also in the mix was a flurry of art supplies and art therapy projects, strewn about the living room with people of all ages participating in coloring mandalas, making watercolor paintings, designing a collage, or working on the community blanket project. Yay for Art Therapy!

After work I stopped by my friend Andrea's house for some proper iced tea (hard to come by in England!), and a lovely chat. We soon made our way into town for my latest adventure in making friends, The Cambridge Drunken Knitwits. This is a group I met through the website I've been attending the group for three weeks now and each week we meet at a different pub in town to have a 'chinwag' (it's an English phrase, fer reals) and work on our knitting/crochet projects. The group seems to be more about chatting and drinking than crafting which is fine by me. We had a great time and I even made my first yarn-bomb. A hat for the ketchup bottle! Pom-pom topper made by Andrea. We left it on the ketchup bottle with a note that said, "You've been yarn-bombed by the Cambridge Drunken Knitwits". Oh the things that thrill you when you're 35 years old . . .

Blurry photo of The Ketchup Hat!

Friday I spent most of the day turning our flat into chaos in preparation for the big move on Monday. Strangely, it doesn't feel all that inconvenient yet as we really don't have that much stuff. We're hoping the move will go easily and be relatively pain free on all fronts. We are SO excited to move. Another chapter begins!

Chaos begins

The field's been plowed, time to move to town.

This is as close as I get to catching a sunrise.

This afternoon, since most the packing is done and I was getting stressed out about all the details of setting up new accounts, moving old accounts, finishing US taxes for 2012 and starting UK taxes for 2012 Devin and I went for a walk out west to our favorite stomping grounds of Coton. 

We found so, so many blackberries ripe and perfect that we frequently stopped and gorged ourselves on these sweet treats. If we remember, we'll go back out tomorrow with a container or two because there are just too many to eat while standing there! We walked through the reserve, through town past the church and up the hill behind the town where you have a 360° view of much of Cambridgeshire. I promise you it's a beautiful walk, but I only managed to take one photo this time around. It always makes me giggle when I walk by.

The Pool in Coton

On our way back down the hill my tummy started to complain that it needed beer and chips (french fries) so we stopped at The Plough Pub and sat in the back garden to enjoy our half-pints of Leffe beer. Angels sing when you drink this beer. Does it get any better than this? Yes it does because there were HORSES!! What? Only in Cambridge. 

Eventually the horses left, the chips were gone, as was the beer so naturally, Devin went to explore the nearby fitzer bush. He reports that when he was a kid they would play under and around the snow covered fitzer bushes in his yard. It sounds very cool. Even these kids think so! 

Mmmmmm. Leffe Beer.

Fitzer Bush Playing

On our walk back home we stopped by the playground and played on the equipment which made me giggle my head off. There is a version of merry-go-round that you sit on and power with you legs. The centripital force is amazing and smashes to you the side of your seat. It was so much fun . . . I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard from playing like that. (Maybe it's because when I was a kid I didn't drink Leffe and then go out to play? Hmmm . . .)

After a few more stops by the blackberry brambles we made our way home and are now we're back in the flat, computing on the internets and watching the ridiculous, amazing, beautiful, stunning, you've-gotta-be-kidding-me clouds roll by.
It's blowing our minds. See?

Happy Weekend All!

Minds Blown

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  1. Charlie and I really enjoyed this post! I ATE POO really made us laugh! And we love the picture of you and Devo at the end--we miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're missing Cambridge too--fun to see the green tubes of Churchill College and read about eating blackberries--we loved that last fall. I want to go to the Plough with you and drink Leffe and hear angels sing!

    Good luck with your move tomorrow, can't wait to hear about the new place!

    Lots of love,