Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Line A Day

Photo Credit: A Latte and a Pen 

"One Line A Day: A Five Year Memory Book"

It's the title of a journal/book I found a while back when looking for a gift for a friend.
I only saw it on Amazon, but today I came across it in a little boutique in downtown Cambridge.

And then I came home to look into the idea of the book a bit further (I didn't let myself buy it on a whim), and found it featured on a blog I used to follow, The House That Lars Built.  Click that link to read their lovely post about it.

I'm going to let myself simmer on the idea of keeping yet another journal (I already keep one for work, and one for messy journaling/keepsakes).  Something about the one line a day feels spacious and doable. And somehow, even if I don't manage do do something each day of the year, there's always next year (same page, same day, just one year later).

I'm definitely intrigued. Going to let myself think it over for a bit more before I buy it.

If I had the book today my line might read:

"A simple action opens the door to a new world of possibilities."


"I'm eating a bowl of chili that I made 2 weeks ago and has been sitting in the fridge ever since. This might be a bad idea . . ."

What do you think?
Does the idea of keeping a journal in this format feel exciting to you?
Does it feel like it would become just another chore? Another item on your every growing list?

What's your line for today?


  1. I think that the line about chili is definitely the one I would go with. Shannon doesn't like me to eat leftovers that are quite that old but I've been known to do it anyway.

    A line a day seems do-able. I like it. And I'd be much more likely to go back to it and read it at some point to see where my head was at than I would if it was loooong.

  2. wow, I was just working in my friend's gift shop the other day and found this book as I was dusting. I thought "one line a day--now there is something I think I could manage!"

  3. My line for today? Right now I am awake as I stand in the river of life aware that it flows in, around, and through me.