Monday, August 19, 2013

Colorado Visit

I just returned from a trip to Colorado and a lovely visit with my family.  Sadly, Devin couldn't go with me because he was at a conference in Vermont (don't worry, he had a great time!).  I'm still a bit jet-lagged as I type this, but in the interest of trying to get back into a semi-regular routine with blogging I'm throwing these photos and a bit of text up today despite my loopy brain.

I spent exactly one week in Denver and was happy to get to spend a week with so many of my family members. (If only everyone I loved lived in Colorado, it would make visiting people so much easier!). A few highlights:

  • Family taco night at Mom and Tom's house (puppies included!)
  • Celebrating the 90th birthday of my one and only Grandfather-In-Law with the O'Connor family.
  • Pedicures and girl time with my Mom and Sister.
  • Dinner and drinks with my Brother and Sister-In-Law.
  • Skyping with my Dad only 2 time zones away instead of 5!
  • Early morning coffee talk at home, and long walks through the neighborhood.
  • Mom's birthday hike in Roxborough Park.
  • Buying a pair of jeans that really and truly fit me! (Hard to do with my wee-flat behind)
  • Family birthday dinner at the Miera house to celebrate both Mom and Tom turning another year older and wiser!
  • Lunch at The Egg & I with just my WSF and GIL (Wicked Step-Father and Grandfather-In-Law).
  • Having dinner on my last night in town with my 2 BILs and SIL, Brett, Corey and Michelle.

All in all, lots of family time, which I've really been craving being that it's been just about one year since I've been "home".  I'm looking forward to going back to the US around Christmas time, this trip will be with my hubby, and we'll get to visit my Dad and Ynés in Florida.  Not sure if time will allow, but we'd love to make a trip to California to see our friends as well.  So many new babies to meet, friends to see, places to eat!  Oh California, why are you so far away?

Below are a few photos from my time there. Sorry if they're redundant (Facebook/Instagram). 

Leaving Heathrow

Welcome Home Flowers

Target, I miss you so . . .

Tori and Yogi. My fur sisters.
Dinner @ Mom & Tom's
Baby Devin and A Very Happy Edie and Greg
Devin's Newborn Photo

Roxborough Park
Mom's Birthday Hike
Happy Birthday to both Mom and Tom!
Back in Cambridge

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  1. What? No mention of the homemade buttermilk biscuits?