Monday, August 19, 2013

Burke Visit & London

Though we had to wait for it, summer truly arrived in July.

Vacation, travel, sunshine, touring England and a visit by family and friends.
Mom and Tom had planned a 10 day coach tour of England, at the end stopping to see us in Cambridge before we all headed down to London for a week in the city.

At the end of Mom & Tom's trip Devin and I had a few days on our own before our friends Jeremy and Elaine came to town town for a conference. We stayed in a flat-share through
in the Imperial Warf neighborhood. While there we walked all over town taking in new areas of London we'd never seen before, found a couple of really great cafés/restaurants (Megan's Cafe and Thai Rice)

Because it's been so long since that trip I'm afraid I've forgotten the details of our daily itinerary but I did take quite a few photos which I'm sharing below.

Highlights from the trip:

  • Showing Mom and Tom around Cambridge, letting them see where we call home. It's always so much fun for us to share our life here with our friends and family from home. It helps make where we're living feel real and special all over again.
  • Visiting Duxford, Imperial War Museum near Cambridge (thanks Andrea for the passes!). A very cool museum even if you're not that interested or aware of history. Immaculate place with creative installations and lots of experiential learning.
  • Going punting on the river Cam. We'd been saving this very touristy event for a warm day with friends or family, and lucky for Mom and Tom they were the lucky winners! (Well, until Tom fell off the back of the punt when he was knocked over by a branch!)
  • Devin diving in off the punt to search for Tom's prescription sunglasses . . . and finding them!
  • Eating dinner outside at the Coton Plough. A lovely place near our flat in the smallest little village you ever saw.  
  • Staying right next door to Harrod's in London and watching all the Rolls Royces and uber fancy cars roll by. Great little furnished flats incase you're looking for a very central place to stay: Basil Street Apartments
  • An unexpected really tasty pub lunch at The Sanctuary House Hotel & Pub near Westminster Abbey.
  • Visiting the Churchill War Rooms in London. How totally amazing. Check it out online.
  • Since Mom and Tom had never been to London before we hit the tourist track: Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Parliment/Big Ben, The London Eye, Harrods, The V&A, a quick stop at the Natural History Museum, Churchill's War Rooms, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge
  • Had lunch at a great little place just under Tower Bridge called The Vault. Pub style food, nothing fancy, but great location right on the Thames river.
  • The warm and yes HOT weather we experienced! Sadly, I'm so pessimistic about the English weather I didn't pack a single pair of shorts so I suffered a bit on the really hot days. (but I am NOT complaining! Bring on the heat!)
  • Spending the entire day in Kew Gardens with Devin. Nerding out on plants, landscaping, and turning my scarf into a skirt while we picnicked on the lawn. Taking a nap under shade trees hours later.
  • Seeing Jeremy and Elaine for the first time since our wedding last year. Great to catch up with them, learn all that's going on in their lives, and to just spend time together. They were travel-troopers as we dragged them all over London the day they flew into town! 
  • Having Jeremy spend a day with us up in Cambridge as Elaine went to her conference. Again, it was so fun for us to show a friend around town, visit a new pub (The Maypole!) and take him out for Indian food just like we'd do if we were still in Berkeley.

Punting on the Cam, before "the fall". 
Devin drives our first punt experience.

Lunch on the 007.

Imperial War Museum Duxford

Devin and his favorite childhood plane.

Imperial War Museum Duxford 

Imperial War Museum - US Airforce Memorial 
My favorite summer cider

Hyde Park

Cafe @ Hyde Park
Prince Albert Memorial - London

View from the London Eye

Tom and Mom, London Eye
London Eye
Below the Eye

Churchill War Rooms

Buckingham Palace

Tasty Veggie Pie @ The Sanctuary House Hotel & Pub

Juice at The V & A Museum - London

Natural History Museum - London

Inside The V & A

The tastiest cafe in London - Imperial Warf - Great outdoor patio!

Paper clothing. Exhibition at Hampton Court

Hampton Court Gardens

Hampton Court Gardens

Kew Gardens Glasshouse

Kew Gardens Glasshouse

Grasses - Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Devin, in Grass Heaven

The Palace at Kew Gardens

The treetop walk - Kew Gardens

Imperial College London

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens 
Kew Gardens Glasshouse

Kew Gardens - Baby pineapple

Thanks Mom and Tom for a lovely time together in England. We really enjoyed showing you around town and playing tourist with you in London!  Thanks also to Jeremy and Elaine for making the trip over to see us (and go to your conference), and for the lovely dinner out in celebration of our wedding/anniversary!

Cheers to you! (and to us for deciding to live in such a cool place!)

The Round Church (and round doughnut) Cambridge


  1. Thanks for helping to make this a trip of a lifetime! Mom