Saturday, June 8, 2013

Restaurant Bucket List: Cambridge

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This is a bit of a selfish post. I need to keep a list of places I'd like to try in Cambridge when we are contemplating going out to eat. I've scoured Google maps finding places, as well as listed places I continually walk past and think, 'We should go there.' and then immediately forget they exist.

By no means do I think all of these places are necessarily going to be wonderfully tasty, but I'm hoping they are at least "edible" (- Grandma Mary Helen, circa 2008). To Devin and I, Cambridge still feels like a small town because we are constantly comparing it to the Bay Area, but in fact there are a number of places we could and should try before we act like there's absolutely no where to go (Wah Wah! Sometimes think I act like such a spoiled big city baby).

Feel free to let me know of places you like that I don't have listed here, or if one place is particularly bad then let me know and save us the pounds!
(Places with an * we have been to and would like to try again.)
(I've listed very few pubs because I have other posts dedicated to pubs, but if I've missed a particularly good one that has a vegetarian friendly menu, let me know!)


The Golden Curry*


Saffron Brasserie*

Maharajah Indian Tandoori*

The Rice Boat*




Sala Thong

Mai Thai

Shabu Shabu


Bibimbap House

Yippie Noodle*


Hong Kong Fusion


Japas Sushi


Las Iguanas*

La Tasca


Aromi Cambridge

Cherry Box Pizza

Zizzi Ristorante


CB2 Bistro

Urban Larder

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Byron Hamburgers

Bills Restaurant



The Orchard Tea Garden

Hot Numbers Cafe*

The Black Cat Cafe*

The Coffee House Cambridge


The Maypole Freehouse

The Three Horseshoes*

The Cambridge Brew House

The Plough, Coton

Green Kitchen Stories: Photo Credit

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  1. Wow--that is quite a list! Definitely go to Sala Thong, so very good and plenty of veggie options. If Las Iguanas is too packed tonight we could try Zizzi on Bene't st or any others from your list! I'm getting hungry!