Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peak District Camping Trip: Photo Post

Day 2: Dark Peak Hike
Day 1: 1st Hike near Buxton

I see hill. I must climb it!  - Devin

Can you see us?

Lambing season! Baby sheep everywhere!

Post hike pints @ The Quiet (headless) Woman

Our campsite . So rustic, right? :-)

Day 2: We found a forrest!!

We love the forest!

See the lamb on the trail?! Eeeeep!

Eeeeep! (or baaa!)

We ate lunch in a hole. It was windy.

Seriously beautiful place.

Could it be more beautiful?

Yes. Yes it can. Awwww.

Eeeeeep! Punk Rock Sheep!

The Leaning Tree

Post hike Pints and Chips (and of course sauces).

And then it rained. All. Night. = Pints at Pub and Carcassonne on the iPad!

Day 3: More rain and touring Buxton

More rain  = Touring the village Eyam (The Plague Town)

Eyam: The Plague Town and apparently The Sheep Roast Village

The Eyam church so pretty, he had to close his eyes.

Final hike and the most beautiful rock!

Ah Peak District. So pretty.

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  1. I am supposed to be in town doing errands. So here I am taking a closer look at your photos. wow. such amazing beauty! there a couple photos in there that you should blow up and frame so you can see every day! Really glad you posted!

    now errands ;-)