Saturday, June 8, 2013

Birthday, Camping Trip & Cycle Ride

When the time comes to make dinner I often end up going to my own blog to find a recipe I made in the past. Once I'm on the blog page I immediately become nostalgic for the days I used to "be a blogger". From there I usually have the thought 'I should be blogging more, so much has happened that I haven't documented!', and then I proceed to beat myself up for not doing a thing I enjoy doing, which discourages me from doing it even more.

This whole scene usually ends with me following the recipe I came in search of, making dinner, watching a show with Devin while we eat dinner, cleaning up the kitchen and going to bed. And when I open my laptop the next morning I think, 'I should write a post today. . .' and sometimes I do (like today!), and sometimes I don't (see the month gap between this and the previous post?).

If I choose the path to not write a post, I only feel guilty about it for a few minutes, and then I forget about it until the next time I look up a recipe and go through the whole process again. If I choose the path to write a post I begin to think of all the things I need to record, to capture my life in detail, to document everything beautifully for the future me that will read the post and wish I'd done a better job. Then comes the overwhelming list of exciting adventures, mundane daily living details, finding the right hyperlinks to insert into the text, and of course the numerous photos I need to edit and add captions to. Before I know it, what started out as a nice Saturday morning activity of sitting down to write a little blurb, has turned into a 3-hour operative with half the day passed me by and I'm still in the same chair with a numb derrière and aching wrists. So in the interest of time I've fallen in love with the bullet point method from the days of yore.

  • On the 21st of May I celebrated turning the ripe old age of 35 (t.h.i.r.t.y.f.i.v.e!). How this is even possible, I don't know. It was a lovely day, where I received tea-in-bed from my loving husband, volunteered at Hospice, worked on curriculum for a group therapy project I have the honor of co-leading, and had drinks and mexican food at Las Iguanas with pretty much every person I know in Cambridge. I even celebrated a day early at a beautiful little gastro-pub (The Three Horseshoes) in Madingley with some friends I've made through NVS (Newcomers and Visiting Scholars).

I blame the waitress for the blurry photo.

  • The same week in May was the 40th anniversary of the Cambridge Beer Festival of which I attended one night, and Devin managed to attend 3 nights. We even kept our souvenir pint glasses! 

Not our actual pints: Photo Credit

  • May 26th - 28th we went on our first UK camping trip to the Peak District in central England. We are lucky to have generous and gracious friends (Thanks Andrea and John!) who loaned us their car while they were away, allowing us to take a road trip and spend a couple of nights car camping. We camped near the small town of Buxton at Shallow Grange Farm complete with baby lambs! We took multiple hikes throughout the Peak District (both the White Peak and Dark Peak sections) and managed to visit a handful of adorable villages (Bakewell, Eyam (aka The Plague Village) and Froggatt, each famous for various things in English history. We were thrilled to have big hills to climb, rocks to scramble over, and new landscapes to take in. The weather cooperated for most of the trip, only raining on the second night of camping, and a bit of scattered showers on our last day. Photo post coming soon of this trip!

  • At some point in the last few weeks/months we also visited Hatfield House with our friends John and Andrea. It's yet another beautiful, historic home that is one of thousands dotting the English countryside. Truly huge, ostentatious and over the top homes owned by very, very wealthy people. It boggles the mind.  

  • Our dear friend Jim came to Cambridge for a visit last Friday while he was inbetween cities on his UK tour. We had a lovely day out with him, visiting pubs, the Botanic Garden and eating tasty south Indian food. He even managed to woo a few young ladies in the garden with his magical mandolin playing skillz.

Photo by Devin

  • Last weekend Devin and I along with five of our friends went for a cycle ride through Cambridgeshire and thanks to our fearless tour guide Charles, we cycled up the highest point in all of the county. The rapeseed fields were in full show, lighting the landscape with swatches of yellow so bright it looks like a Van Gogh painting. Luckily, all the pubs were open as well so we stopped 3 times (in a 36 mile ride) for half pints and chips (french fries).

Photo by Devin

  • Finally, I'm just going to share a few photos with you that you may or may not have seen before depending on your involvement with social media. Just a few sights from around Cambridge.

Slackline session, Devin takes a break.

A new Bubble Tea opened in Cambridge! I got a sticker.

View down one of many "green tunnels" that we walk though.

The sky at 10:00pm. Living in the north does have it's perks.

School's out for summer. So too is the undergrads fluorescent skin!

From my commute on Wednesdays along the river Cam

Hope you enjoyed your monthly installment of Four Black Stars. With luck, you'll be hearing from me again soon. And if there are typos (of which I'm sure there are many), I'm afraid I don't care at the moment because this post has taken me two-and-a-half hours to complete. (See! I told you they take me a long time!) I'm off to take a walk, hope when you finish reading this you're inspired to go do something too!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. oh the queen of wanting to blog, feeling guilty about not blogging, and then not blogging....feel no guilt! Just keep us in the loop so we can live vicariously! And as for the t.h.i.r.t.y f.i.v.e.....that's how old I was when I moved to NYC, and I think it is a great age to have great adventures!!!