Monday, January 7, 2013

Saturday & Sunday Walks

I wrote this intending to post it on Sunday afternoon. It's not Monday night. Just an FYI

January 5th + 6th, 2013 

Just a quick post to give those of you back home a tast of what Cambridge is like right now. We seem to have passed the coldest part of winter (no frosty mornings for a few weeks now) Temps are around 48-50 F° each day, sunny patches alternate with clouds and fog. All the leaves are gone, and the pavement is almost always wet or damp, regardless of whether or not we've had rain. The fields and flat areas (which is most of the area around here) are muddy and wet, filled with pop-up ponds in areas making the fenlands really feel like fenlands.

On my way home I saw a tree beginning to bud, which brought me all kinds of joy. Though we've not had a freezing cold winter, the short dark days have really gotten to my psyche and so any sign of spring is a welcome one in my mind.

Tonight as part of my Christmas gift Devin is taking me out to Japanese dinner and then to see the ballet Swan Lake (not Sean Lake you smart-asses)! I've never seen it, and I'm so excited to go. I love watching dance, especially ballet. Guess the little girl in me that wanted to be a ballerina (for like 6 months) is still in me somewhere.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Indoors or out.

Bridge over the M11 toward Coton Reserve

Lichen, Lichen Everywhere 
Beauty in the Details

Pretty Winter Color Palette

Pop-up Lake 

Home. Our building is the short one in the middle.

Lunch, aka "Vegetarian Smorgasbord"

Large Tractors & Devin

I don't need to tell you what this is, right?

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  1. Nice photos! is that an egg in the upper right corner of the all green picture?