Friday, January 11, 2013

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Crayon Creatures Credit

Crayon Creatures!! Aren't these great? I love the idea of bringing drawings to life. They remind me of a time in Art Therapy training when we made our totem animals out of butcher paper and markers or oil pastels. We made a few at Children's Hospital Oakland as well. Somehow even better when they are plushy and made of cloth. Love these!

Here's a sweet film I just watched last night about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Not sure how accurate/factual it is, but fun to watch. After watching the film I looked around online to learn more about her and found this page. Methinks I might need to take a trip down to London and check it out. (Amber & Andrea, have you been to this exhibit?)

I also stumbled upon this page, which intrigues me to no end. I don't have access to the site, but am looking into it. I'm a big fan of creative writing or the journaling/documenting process and have keep a book of some sort since I was an adolescent. Do you write? Journal? Blog? I'd love to hear about it and why it's important to you!

I've tried my hand at no-knead bread twice now and each time they turn out tasty, but man-oh-man is the dough so goopy! I've read many reviews that say this is just how it is since it's such a wet recipe to begin with. Regardless, I found this webpage with some tips and modifications. Can't wait to try it again soon. 

A friend of mine, Amanda Kingloff, has started writing on her lovely blog, The Violet Hours again! She's working on publishing a book about children's craft projects and I can't wait to see the finished product! Please stop on by her blog and be sure to subscribe or visit often to see what beautiful and creative projects she shares!

The Up Series. I only watched a few episodes when I was living with a group of girlfriends in Oakland (remember those days ladies?). Here's a post from A Cup Of Jo talking about the latest release, 56 Up. Maybe I'll have to start at the beginning and work my way through the series. The premise of the show is an interesting one.

As some of you learned from my Facebook post yesterday, I'm finally a paid Art Therapist here in the UK! (Squeeeeeeeeeee!) It's not much, and it's very part time (4 hours a week) but it's with a fantastic organisation that I really believe in (and we are merging with another fantastic organisation as I type this) so it's completely worth it! Thanks for all the support and encouragement from family and friends who believed in me! I couldn't have done it without you! (And just to brag . . . I pitched myself to them, showed them what I could do and had experience in, and they loved it so much they created a position for me! Just proves to me that you have to go for what you want in life.)

Speaking of, I'm getting all trained up to volunteer at Arthur Rank Hospice. I start next week helping facilitate an arts education group for elementary school children to discuss themes of loss and death in the hospice's day therapy suite. Eventually I hope to facilitate legacy book-making with patients at the hospice. I'm looking forward to spending time in this setting as it's something I've wanted to do for a long time now.

One week from today Devo and I will be waking up in Tenerife, The Canaries, Spain (just off the western Africa coast of Morocco/Western Sahara). Oh man. I'm so excited about it. The weather won't be hot (upper  70°F/20°C), but it'll be warmer than Cambridge, and there's a mountain! volcano! So we'll get some good hikes in while we're there. I cannot WAIT!

Last post I talked about going to see Swan Lake at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. I just want to follow up by saying that we had a great time, the dancing was beautiful, as were the costumes, but I don't recommend sitting on the flat part of the auditorium floor for ballets. If you don't see the feet, you're missing 1/2 the show! We had a good time anyway, even if we did tweak our necks trying to catch a glimpse of the toe shoes!

If you're ever visiting Cambridge, (Call Me!) you should eat at Bill's restaurant. I went there with some girlfriends for lunch this week and had some very tasty food. I ordered the mushroom and leek macaroni and cheese but there were many other tasty options to choose from. Great interior and atmosphere to boot. Very cute place. Four stars.

Tonight we are meeting friends at a new (to us) pub called The Avery for dinner and drinks. We met up with this same crew last week but at a different pub which we'd been to before, The Anchor. Devin also hit two other pubs this week for a post-work pint, so he's really getting his pub time in like a proper English lad. 

I just finished a good book (easy, fast read) by Sandra Dallas called The Persian Pickle Club. If you're from the midwest (or even if you're not) you'll like this little novel about women, quilting, farming, and friends. 

I've been battling a few different viruses for a few weeks now. It's loads of fun. Especially for Devin who has to listen to me hack and snort (Sorry Hon!). This recent cold has me in love all over again with Ricola cough drops. I also am drinking Throat Coat tea like it's going out of style. Stuff is good.

One of my dear friends (Hi Sadie!) and her husband Jon are expecting a wee one in mid-February. This week the department at Children's (where I used to work) had a surprise baby shower for her, and I got to Skype in! It was so much fun. I felt like I was really there, only people were carrying me around, which they don't do when I'm actually there . . . that would be awkward. Devin and I bought them a cool gift (or so I think). Sadie and Jon are both creative, music-loving, dancing, socializing, movers and shakers so we got their baby a set of these. (Spoiler alert for Sadie/Jon if you've not opened the box yet!)

I guess this post of Around The Web was rather self-centered, but hey, it's my blog. I'll write about what I want! (Unless and until someone pays me to write about something different. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? . . .)

Hope everyone is gearing up for a lovely weekend.
Happy Friday! 
And come visit soon!

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  1. Hey there. I hope you are having fun in the sun! Cambridge is covered in snow (and I seem to be sick), so I finally had a chance to look through all the links here.

    That Queen Victoria exhibition sounds wonderful. Haven't been to Kensington yet--would love to go!

    I'm confused about the crayon creatures. They look very cool, but not plushy and fabric--the site says sandstone!? E and C's school does a fundraiser every year where you can get lots of different things made from your child's art--I love it!

    The Up series sounds very interesting--I will certainly look into it! And now I will do up the dishes and lie down for a bit!

    Thanks for another fab, fun edition of Around the Web!