Saturday, December 29, 2012

Movies & Books & ZipCars . . . Oh My!


It's winter (dark at 3:45pm), I don't have proper employment (quite yet), and most of my volunteer gigs have been on close due to the holiday. All these things combined = lots of time for reading, tv/movie watching and exploring. It's a tough life, but I'm working through it.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in or around city centre dodging the masses who are shopping the sales at the stores around town. Dear me, it was chaos! In an attempt to escape the masses I ducked into the Central Cambridge Library but it too was packed with studious people of all ages. Regardless I joined in, hoping to check out a few books that have been on my list. Two of the twelve books were available for check out, and three more I placed on hold. A library! What a wonderful thing.

Here's what's on my bedside table right now (a mix from the library and from my Kindle):

Too many things to read, right? I know, but I love having a reading list as well as a stack of books in my kindle or on my nightstand. I've recently finished the Lamott (it was okay, not great), and have started Cloud Atlas and The Diary of Mattie Spenser. I also read a poem from the Mary Oliver each morning, and as for the books on mindfulness and depression, I'm curious about them as cognitive therapy is all the range in the evidence-based practice world these days. I hope to apply it not only to my own bouts of depression, but to the people I work with as a therapist as well. I'm also hoping to explore the world of Mindfulness Based Art Therapy as I think the two practices together are a winning combination. Especially with populations coping with chronic illness or a disease diagnosis, like breast cancer. (Interested or curious about all this? Here's the article that inspired me.)

As for movies and television shows, here are a few I've seen in the theatre or at home, and a few more I'd like to see sometime soon:
BBC streaming is amazing, we get so many programs and films for free! And what we can't get we can download from the states or rent from iTunes. Who needs a TV? What about you guys? What's everyone watching and reading this winter? Got any suggestions for me? I'd love to add more things to my lists. (I Heart Lists!)

Tonight I'm headed to city centre again to meet Devin and a couple of friends for a burrito (or what passes as a burrito here) and then a pub afterwards. I hope the winds don't blow me off my bike!
Tomorrow we've rented Daffodil (the Zipcar at our complex) for a 4-hour trip to . . . well we don't quite know where, but I'm thinking either here, here or here. Who knows, we may just end up going for a drive to see what's out there. With only bikes and public transport we've not ventured out of town very much, so we're going to take advantage of the predicted sunny day (fingers crossed) and go see some English countryside! Maybe we'll even have a cuppa tea and some cake! I'll wear my white gloves.


  1. I seen me some Beasts of the Southern Wild and had a chat with the producers of it. I wanted to talk to them about the structure of the movie, in particular the first ten minutes or so. They were essential magic.

    As for Les Mis... I have seen it. I just wish Russell Crowe hadn't been there.


  2. Well... Maybe on your next zip car adventure you could head over to the "real" Downton abbey !!! There is a interesting story there and Hampshire Austen country too....we have watched the first episode of Sherlock and we are hooked....
    Love to you both,

  3. Also...if you have not read "Buster Midnight's Cafe" and " The Persian Pickle Club" by Sandra Dallas you should.... Great fun. Dallas lives in Denver and one of her characters is Marion Street....which is near where Brett and Michelle used to live.

    I agree with you on Help,Thanks, Wow....I felt it was unfocused ....but that could be me....we now go to the Unitarian church in Dallas and I think Mary Oliver must be the poet laureate ....talked to Edie yesterday. My email is

    Love to you both,