Friday, November 2, 2012

The Pub Crawl

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There's been talk amongst The Ladies (that's what I've decided to call this slowly gathering group of women I've been wandering around town with) that we should start a pub crawl through some of Cambridge's plentiful pubs. 

In true Type A personality form, I decided to go back through my blog posts and tag restaurants and pubs with the labels "Pub Crawl" and "UK Restaurants" we've been to so far in England. Working backwards through posts has been time consuming and so I've not yet completed the labeling, but I'll keep working on it. 

In the meantime, below is a list (in no particular order) of the pubs we have been to so far. I think it's a complete list, but I might be missing a few . . . 
  1. The Devonshire Arms
  2. The Salisbury Arms
  3. The Panton Arms
  4. The Plough, Coton (Gastropub)
  5. The Elm Tree
  6. The County Arms
  7. The Alma
  8. The Punter
  9. The Anchor
  10. The Prince Regent
  11. The Red Bull
  12. The Granta
  13. The Eagle
  14. The Bath House
  15. The Fort Saint George
The list of pubs I'd like to try and visit during the course of our time here is too long to list (though I did start one, I just deleted it because it was an arbitrary list based in little knowledge). Instead I found what looks to be a good source of "Real Ale Pubs". It's called The Cambridge University Real Ale Society, and on their page they have a list of pubs in and around Cambridge, as well as beer reviews. 

I'm not certain, but this looks like a great resource for pubs that are off the tourist path. Pubs that are more "authentic" if you will. I'll have to ask a local to be sure, and I think Devin's lab-mate Tom will be just the chap to ask. They even have this handy Google map of pubs which I'd not seen before

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