Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Box

Once upon a time, there was a Box. The Box was born in a far off land named Littleton, Colorado. It first came into being in the tidy garage of a lovely man we'll call "Grandpa". 

Many things had to happen to bring The Box into existence. First, people had to pack many smaller boxes inside a house in Berkeley, California. Friends and family had to move the smaller boxes into a car and a trailer. The trailer had to be hauled by family through all of California, Nevada, Utah and most of Colorado. Even more family had to help unload the trailer and car into the tidy garage and basement of "Grandpa". The Box had to be ordered, received, built, deeply considered, packed and eventually shipped.

For three steaming hot days in August many small boxes were opened, unpacked, repacked into other boxes, taped closed, labeled and meticulously numbered. Then finally the small boxes were placed ever-so-carefully, like the most mind-blowing game of Tetris you've ever played, into The Box.

August 13th, 2012                                                                                        All that stuff (right) has to fit into that box (far left)

The Box had already had such a journey! Such a story! Just to come into existence, what more could possibly happen to The Box? Surely it would arrive in a timely manner to it's new home in England (perhaps within 5 - 6 weeks as the shipping company had quoted!). Everything was going so smoothly, all the stars were aligning. The timing was perfect. The Box was precious, and so lovingly put together by so many people . . . what could go wrong?

August 14th, 2012                                                                                                           It all fits inside!

August 15th, 2012                                                                                       Bye, Bye Box! See you in 5 - 6 weeks!  Right? . . . .

The Box was set to arrive in 5 - 6 weeks, during the week of September 26th - October 3rd. 
The parents of The Box were prepared to live for a couple of weeks with a few suitcases worth of belongings. Five pairs of socks and underwear would be plenty! They could do laundry a couple of times and then The Box would be there. Sleeping in sleeping bags would be fun! Cooking on camping gear would be a creative challenge! . . . And then The Box would come.

The parents of The Box waited anxiously for their precious cargo to arrive . . .  

And they waited . . .

And they w a i t e d . . .

A n d  t h e y  w a i t e d  .  .  .

A   n   d     t   h   e   y     w   a   i   t   e   d     .    .    .

Meanwhile, The Box went to Los Angeles.  
The Box went to Antwerp.
The Box kicked it in English customs for 2 weeks.
The Box hung out with some other boxes at the moving company for another week.

And finally, eleven weeks later,

(E . L . E . V . E . N    W . E . E . K . S . !!!)

The Box ARRIVED! (November 2nd)

There was celebration! There was joy! There was bad, celebratory dancing in the apartment! 
There were even tears (Hayley's) of complete and utter relief.

Nov. 2, 2012                                                             Compare Devin's hair length between photos!

The journey of The Box had started on a sunny day in late June (the 26th) surrounded by friends, family, and in the home of two people about to get married. 

Five months later, a married couple stood hugging in their sunny apartment 5342 miles away from Berkeley, surrounded by all their precious stuff. 

The journey of The Box was over.
Until we move again . . .

** Coming soon, The Box, Unpacked **


  1. this made me laugh and cry, remembering my years of nomadic wandering and longing for my very own stuff! Revel in it! Wear all your cloths at one time! use every dish and kitchen gadget! woooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. So good to have your understanding and empathy Sandee! It's so strange how our belongings lend us a sense of home. An island of safety in a foreign land!