Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Box, Unpacked

Here we go!

A mini-tour of our flat now that we have a few items from home to make the place feel a little more permanent. The walls are still quite bare, which we're working on, and the couch/chair fabric color in the living room . . . we're just going to have to Zen with it. Is it pink? Is it taupe? Is it salmon? Who knows, but I'm sure it could be worse. 

And without further ado, our wee flat in Forster Court!

Living Room & Kitchen


Things we really love about our living room:
  • Double glazed windows, we rarely have to turn on the heat!
  • If the sun is out we get absolutely drenched in sunlight. For those of you who know me, you know that this is a huge perk necessity for my sanity.
  • There's enough room to roll out a yoga mat and strike a pose, and the view when you're doing this is particularly lovely (as evidenced by my constant photo posting of sunrises/sunsets).
  • We have plenty of storage in the bookshelf, so there's room to grow if we need to.

Kitchen Meets Couch

The Kitchen/Living Room Combo:
  • We have the desk area set up as an work station most of the time, but when we're eating dinner if we want to watch a program or curl up on the couch to see a movie we can angle the screen toward the dining room table or couch and voilà! We have our own dinner theatre.
  • Having the couch smash up against the dining room table might look a little odd, but in this space it's working really well. It helps us divide the space in half, giving the strange space a more cozy and defined feel. Somehow it tricks our minds into feeling like the rooms are separate and not just one long tube.

The Kitchen

The Tiniest Fridge:
  • As some of you know, we don't have a freezer which isn't too much of a problem until you want ice for your cocktail, ice cream for dessert, or to freeze leftovers or cookie dough for later in the week. Despite this, I brought a selection of a few precious magnets from home. We still love you refrigerator  Thanks for keeping the food fresh.
  • Currently we have three pieces of art hanging in our apartment. The first one you should check out is off to the right of the orchid. It was drawn by our dear, talented, and artistic friend , Kate Stirr! She also made the British flag on the living room wall, but I think this framed piece is more her style. :-) Her drawing is blurry in this photo. Go check out her art on her website: 
  • The other piece of art you can see in this picture (the tomato print) was made by my dear Mother-in-Law Edie O'Connor! I think it's a lithograph (?) (I really should know this . . .) and Edie made it in 1977. Title, Tomatoes. Devin says it's been in every home he's ever lived in, so it's official. He's home now. 
  • I don't have any other shots of the kitchen worth showing so that's all you get for the moment.

The Bedroom

Things we really love about the bedroom:

  • Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. And if it's a cloudy day, at least we wake up to a big, big sky. The window in the bedroom is fantastic. We just love it.
  • Sleeping with blankets and a down comforter! After months of sleeping in down sleeping bags, which are surprisingly light and airy, yet still toasty warm, we're re-learning how to sleep in a bed with heavy covers. We're getting the hang of it, but for the first few weeks we felt like we were sleeping in quicksand or something.
  • We bought an extra hanging wardrobe bar which I'm storing most of my sweaters and accessories on. The drawers in the dresser and night stand are small, but they're getting the job done. Having the extra storage, even if it is out in the open, helps things feels less cramped and this way our clothes don't look like they've been smashed in a drawer/suitcase when we put them on.
  • I love having a quilt from home on our bed. The quilt has been with me for many years and immediately makes me feel at home. The quilt was made back in the early 70's by my Mom's step-grandma, Lucille Burson as a wedding gift. Thanks great-stepmom Lucille!
  • On my bedside table I have some tiny photos of my family. (Backrow L - R: Grandma Mary Helen & Grandpa Bob Jenkins, Grandma Inez & Grandpa Dean Oggel, Me & My Dad. Front Row L - R: Newborn Me & My Mom, My sister Jennifer, brother Christian & Myself) I'm a sentimental fool and I love having these photos of my family out where I can see them. What a lovely bunch of humans.

It's been simply wonderful to have some of our bits and pieces of home here with us. We've been living with the unpacked Box for a week now and I think we're already taking it for granted. We try to remind one another from time to time how it was before The Box arrived, and how it is now. Amazing what a few pieces from home can do for your sanity and morale. Now if only we could have fit some of your dear readers inside The Box, then we'd truly have it all!

I feel so lucky, so blessed, to be living here in England with my wonderful, caring, compassionate, and patient husband. I can't wait to see what's around the corner for us (a week in London with the O'Conoors for one! Whoot Whoot!).

Be grateful every day.
Tell the ones you love you love them each time you talk.
Be sure to look up from time to time.
Be kind to each other.
Give yourself a break.


  1. Lovely. Thanks for sharing the pics! Xo Sadie

  2. I remember the tomato print, but I did not know Edie had made it! Your apartment looks very sweet and I know you are happy to have some of your own stuff about.... Love to you both, Carol

    1. Yes! You've had a talented artist in your company for many years now! We love that print! Thanks for reading the blog Carol!

  3. Hayley, I had missed this post before. Just came across it--so fun to see your stuff! I haven't been up to your flat since the crate arrived. It looks lovely and cozy now! And I absolutely LOVE the photo at the end of the post!

    1. Thanks Amber! Glad you think it's come together a bit more. I try to hide the ugly pink couches under afghans and pillows every day! You'll have to come and see! The photo at the end is from the Coton Reserve walk I take on a regular basis.