Monday, November 26, 2012

Royal Visit

 Woah. It's going to be chaos on Wednesday.

Royal Chaos.

I forgot this was even happening until I saw it in the newspaper today. It seems that downtown there will be multiple street closures and likely packed with thousands of people vying for a glimpse of the royal couple. I don't think I'll toss any elbows but if I happen to be crossing nearby (which is likely as you pretty much have to go through the city to get anywhere across town) I might try to take a peek.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have yet to visit Cambridge since their marriage so the town is all a flutter with their pending arrival. A strange phenomenon indeed.

Would you try to see them if you were me? Fight the crowds for a blurry picture on your phone?


  1. In reading the supermarket tabloids as I waited in line, I understand she may be pregnant. I think you should try to see if she sporting a baby bump. :)

    1. Well in that case! . . . I'll see if it's raining or what not. I've had a surprising number of people tell me I "have to at least try". So we'll see. It actually depends on if I'm volunteering in the AM or not, which I'm currently scheduled to do, unless they cancel so it may not happen even if I want it to! Thanks for reading!