Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Truc & Toc

Truc & Toc are taking pearler beads to a whole new level! See photos on their Facebook page or check out their website here. I Love it! Wish I'd seen this when I was working at Children's Oakland! Teen Group activity!!

As an Art Therapist I'm all about helping people integrate their feelings, thoughts and actions through creative expression. I think I deserve to integrate a cutting board into my sink area. (Was that comparison too much of a stretch? I think this idea is simple and beautiful! Maybe someday. . .

Day One: A Simple Journaling App. I read about this on Meet Me At Mike's, where writer Pip does a lovely job talking about why she likes it. A place to document your life with photos and a bit of text. You can keep it private or publish it for others to see. In this day where people tend to always have their phones but maybe not a pen and paper, this might be a lovely substitute to stay creative.

Speaking of being creative, if your fingers are feeling itchy to make something, make sure they DO NOT MAKE THIS. Ew.

Impermanent Graffiti. I'm diggin it.

A film of a beautiful road trip across the USA by Mike Matas & Sharon Hawng. Made me nostalgic for our summer trip.

A great book, about books! How meta . . . But seriously, ever get invited over to someone's house and while you're waiting for them to bring back the mug of tea and snacks you look at the titles lining their shelves? The Ideal Bookshelf Book interviewed one hundred creative thinkers and writers and asked them to tell us what's on their bookshelf. Makes me want to tuck in with a blanket and read the whole day through!

We've got a good thing going here in Cambridge, but I still dream of the day Devin and I have a house to call our own. No matter the size. The book How Buildings Learn, which I found over at Free Cabin Porn, talks about how homes change over time to meet the needs of their inhabitants.

And we gotta end on this bed. Cause what could be better?

Happy Wednesday, Y'all.

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