Monday, November 12, 2012

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Happy Monday Readers!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! We were lucky to have good weather this weekend in Cambridge. On Sunday the skies were blue all day long, not a cloud in sight. A rare occurrence. Devin and I took a nice long walk over toward Coton and on our way home stopped by the field where the sheep graze. I didn't get a photo but we basically had a staring contest with a few that looked like this.

While Devin spent the afternoon at the lab, I spent the rest of the day doing chores, baking the remaining cookie dough from Saturday's Hayster Chippers, reading about watercolor painting, knitting, researching arts and health programs in the Cambridge area (there are SO MANY!), eating tofu and greens for dinner, and finally, watching a Masterclass episode of The Great British Bake Off. Overall a classic weekend.

But today the work week begins again, and so here's a dose of Around The Web to peruse during your coffee break.

Artist Iviva Olenick

There's something oddly charming about the narrative embroidery work of artist Iviva Olenick who sews the words from Post-It notes and Tweets on scraps of fabric. Check out more of her lovely fiber arts work on her website

The Loneliest Planet is film I'd like to see, but am not sure if it's a love story or a freaky thriller.

How to create large format prints of your own photos. We're talking poster size people.

POPCORN BALLS! Back in college my BFF Megan Hohn Surly used to receive a care packing from her mother Cathie which contained the tastiest of treats, homemade popcorn balls! I was in love with them. A few years ago I tried to make my own but they turned out so rock hard you felt like you were just being mean to your teeth by trying to eat them. I'm going to try again soon. Maybe I'll add red-hots to them!

Animals and their People. Nuff said.

A pretty pic from one of my favorite websites, Free Cabin Porn.

The There For A Reason Project, is the blog of an ex-pat in Ireland. In this post she talks about the tradition of Halloween and where we got the idea for jack-o-lanterns. I had no idea!

Some outstanding photography taken from the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. What a stunning tragedy. Hope all my friends back east are doing alright.

Gabriel Orozco is an artist I can get behind. This is my kinda Type A sorta thing!

Magical Marvelous Cookies. I'm bookmarking this for a later date since we have 3 dozen homemade cookies at home right now. Oops.

Don't want to order a bunch of business cards? Use a stamp and make only as many as you need!

I for one, am glad the guy who likes basketball, chili and his dog, won the election.

A great NYT photo spread of election coverage.

Black Bean Tortilla Soup. Mmmmmm.

Love to doodle with a Sharpie? Make a few mugs as gifts! Follow this tutorial on Sharpie Marker Gift Mugs over at Infarrantly Creative.

I'd never heard of Abeleskiver before (filled pancakes), but now that I know they exist, I just might need to make them. They do require a strange pan . . .

I think I'm stalking the blog A Beautiful Mess. Here's another post from them about making a simple Whiskey Sour.

Oh! And a Happy Belated Veteran's Day in the USA! I'm thankful for all my family and friends who have served in the service of our wonderful country. Thank you for all you did and continue to do.
Yes We Can!

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