Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Around The Web - Thanksgiving Edition

While my friends and family back home are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow (Thursday the 22nd), how about reading up on the 1st Thanksgiving which took place in 1621. The menu of 1621 was just a wee bit different than what we eat today!

In doing research for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday meal I've been finding lots of tasty vegetarian recipes on the www. These salads would be great anytime of the year! 15 Fresh Salads from The Kitchn.

Here's something I will NOT be making this year, or likely ever. As a vegetarian people tend to think we need to have "a dish" that will substitute for the turkey. I think this happens in part because people are kind and want to make sure we get our protein, but part because, what's a grand holiday meal without a centerpiece? Well, let me tell you, we do not need a "Veggieducken" to make a grand holiday meal grand. Nope. Don't need it one bit.

Confused what to have on hand for that vegetarian? Here are some tasty pasta dishes to try! Or here are even more recipes that aren't pasta (because, let's face it, vegetarians get sick of pasta sometimes).

My Friend Amber and I are in charge of making the stuffing/dressing for TG dinner. I've never made it before so I found this pretty helpful. (Do you know the difference between stuffing/dressing? This year a few people in my family learned the difference!) (Stuffing = inside something. Dressing = On it's own)

Rosemary Parker House Rolls look easy, and tasty. But frankly, I'd probably substitute the rosemary with a different flavor. Rosemary tastes like soap or hand lotion to me . . .

Accordion potatoes with rosemary 9 (yuck!) and garlic (yum!)

Broccoli Soup. I'm not sure I've ever had it, but this recipe from A Cup of Jo makes me want some.

A new twist on ye ole green bean casserole, it has pepper jack cheese! CHEESE!

Nanaimo Bars. Ever heard of them? Me neither. Apparently they are a staple dessert in Canada. They look pretty tempting. Walnuts, coconut, chocolate, custard. What's not to like!

After reading through numerous food related posts, and spending ample time in the kitchen myself, I'm feeling rather full, despite the fact we haven't had our Thanksgiving dinner yet! (It's on Saturday, Yay!) This citrus cocktail from A Beautiful Mess sounds just like the refreshing drink I might need after a day of indulging. Or I could just make it today, you know just to test it . . .

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to my friends and family back home.
Now get to cooking!!!