Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Mélange of Things

I've yet to have my tea, and am in the middle of snarfing down some toast, so don't expect too much from this post. Also, please overlook any misspellings, run-on sentences, and general nonsense. I'm trying to squeeze a post in before Greg and Edie arrive (!!) this afternoon, and before knitting club meets at 10:00am. Tomorrow we head off to London for a week so I suspect the blog will be rather quiet. Since I know most of you live and die by my insightful posts, I wanted to get one out before we leave town. Here we go!

Sunrise Today

  • As I told you earlier this week The Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire came to town, and I managed to go see them! Front row and center. They looked a surprising amount like every photo I've ever seen of them (which isn't that many). I'm glad I attended, glad I snapped a few photos, and want to report, that the boyscout troop who gifted the Duchess Kate with multiple bouquets of flowers, also gifted her a tiny white baby onesie (a baby jumpsuit for you baby novices)! So, the rumors about her being pregnant, maybe true after-all?

  • I've been spending lots of time painting and drawing and while things aren't perfect or my favorite (in my experience the creative process is never "perfect" or "my favorite"), it's been fun to work with ink and watercolor. I've even hung a few tiny images in our bedroom. I hope to keep it up and to start on better quality paper so I'm happier with the finished product.

  • I'm still trying to figure out what to put up on the walls in this place. I'm having a hard time making decisions or finding a place for picture frames that I can stand. In the meantime I keep making strange things and just hanging them up over where the previous occupants left holes or picture hangers.

  • I seem to make many quiches these days. Here's yet another photo of a quiche from my kitchen. This one is bok choy, onion, garlic, and mature cheddar cheese (from the Lake District). It's keeping us alive. 

  • We received a wedding gift in the mail this week from my dear friend Amy (who I've been friends with since kindergarden!) and her family. Ages ago I mentioned to her that I liked the TV show Friends but would never allow myself to buy all the shows on DVD (judge me all you want, I like the show and it makes me smile.). And what came in the mail this week? Ta Da! Thanks Power's family for hours of entertainment as the long, cold, dark winter here has only just begun! And thanks to Hannah for her amazing drawing! Notice the book in the corner? If you haven't read it, I recommend it. Though, it does tell you goldfish are red . . . which we all know isn't true . . . They're orange! 

  • See that lovely ribbon on the package above? Well I'm recycling it and can't wait to gift this and a second bottle of wine to my In-Laws whose plane is due to land in 1/2 hour! Whoot whoot! 

  • Thus bringing me to the end of a choppy, poorly edited photo post. I hope everyone has a great rest of the work week, and lovely weekend. More from me next week!


  1. Hayley, thanks for one last post before your fun family week. I'll miss you and your posts this week. Have a wonderful time!!

  2. LOVE LONDON!!! have a great time with the folks - I can't wait to hear of your adventures! drink it in!!!

  3. Well it may not be live or die, but I do enjoy your blog....Based on many years of experience I know you will have wonderful visit with Weedie and Greg...(thats what our youngest son Evan called her when he was little...)

    Love to all


  4. Somehow this post got lost on my blog list!! I'm so happy that you liked the gift! Have you started watching yet?!? Anxious for you to write again :) hint, hint