Wednesday, October 17, 2012



I went for a two hour walk today. The colors were beautiful. The wind was strong, but the air was warm.  I saw a blue heron (?) flying out from a lowly meandering stream, and a butterfly alighting on blackberry brambles as I stood eating berries from my harvest.

Butterfly Alighting

I made art out of frustration.  Practicing what I preach. Created scribbles and marks mostly with my left hand.  Crappy watercolor pencils that break when you use pressure, paper that costs a pretty enough pence, but doesn't work with watercolor mediums worth a damn.

Apologies for the bad photography

I listened to Red House Painters.  A throw back to undergraduate days, and autumn mornings walking to school in France.  Thoughts of a sweet friend drifted through my head as music played. Matt Davis and Mark Kozelek. Two musicians who bring memories flooding back from my days in Iowa City.

I continue to knit my first scarf. It is far, far too wide, and I have far, far too few skeins of yarn to complete it.  I'm continuing despite the pending doom.

Devin and I can put away a bottle of wine over pasta and the season finalé of The Great British Bake off.  We're becoming real Europeans now.

Our crate has not yet cleared customs, despite being in England since the 8th.  Feels like we'll never actually get to move into our flat.  By the time our stuff arrives I may just leave it all in boxes, having grown too attached to the sleeping bag and limited choices of clothing.

I applied for another job today, or rather an unpaid clinical placement.  Afterwards, I scoured my spreadsheet of jobs, contacts, networks and To Do's as I do each day.  Offering to volunteer, to pilot programs, to serve coffee, to do something, anything.

Most of the walk looks like this

The sun rises at the late hour of 7:30am now.  Setting around 6:00pm.  Where did the summertime go?  Did all those plans we've been making really come to pass?

I guess so.  The rain pattering on the glass of our glass doors.  The night hanging dark and black outside our home.  A few yellow lights glimmer in the distance.

And that my friends and family, was Wednesday.

Sunset from Home

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