Monday, October 29, 2012

The Weekend (And etc.)

We managed to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend here in Cambridge.
The weather has been fussy, to say the least.

On Saturday we ventured out and went for a walk, excited that the sun was finally out after being in total hiding for weeks and weeks, okay, seven days.  We headed north and I showed Devin a pretty little trail that weaves between a part of campus he hadn't seen before.  At the end of the trail we popped out near a small shopping district and we visited The East Anglian Children's Hospice thrift shop.  It was a busy, bustling place, but we didn't find a thing to buy. (For those of you excited by the whole royalty thing, this is one of the organisations that Kate Middleton is supporting)

While in the shop the weather took a turn for the worst. We were about two miles away from home and the skies clouded over turning a dark grey, the wind picked up and sharp raindrops began to smack against our coats at a 60 degree angle.  We walked for a bit in the rain until deciding to duck into a pub on Castle Street, The County Arms, and had hot chocolates while we waited out the mini-storm.

Leaving the pub, feeling toasty warmer and brave, we walked home to make lunch as we were planning on heading back out in a few hours to see an event from the Festival of Ideas, and then joining some friends for dinner at their home.  On the walk home the rain and wind started up again, beating down on us ruthlessly until my pants were dripping into my shoes, and my socks squished out water with each step. Devin, who wore his down coat for warmth instead of a rain jacket (because it had been sunny with blue skies!), was slowly absorbing all the cold rain water into his coat, soaking him down to his t-shirt. Despite being cold and wet, we managed to laugh at ourselves and the situation, and started to plan what we might do and where we might go around the upcoming Christmas holiday . . .(Croatia? The Lake District?  Paris?Wales?)

Ironically, or rather in true British-weather form, the moment we stepped into our apartment the skies cleared, the dark clouds moved off into the distance, and sunbeams were pouring into our apartment.   Feeling soggy and a bit defeated, we decided to skip the afternoon event at the southern end of town and instead drink tea and watch The Great British Bake Off while our clothing dripped dry in the bedroom. During this time our friends let us know their daughter was sick and so our dinner plans were cancelled.  Faced with an afternoon and evening of staying in while the weather continued it's tantrum, we put on our most comfortable clothes and hunkered down for the rest of the day. Interwebbing. Reading. Knitting. Skyping. Cooking. Eating. Not necessarily in that order or all at once.

Sunday proved a bit more eventful as I took a 3 hour walk around and into town, while Devin worked for a few hours at the lab and then went for a swim at the city pool. I suggested that he pick up some burritos from the one and only Mexican food restaurant in town on his way home because we haven't had a burrito in 2 months! It was time for us to sus this place out and see if it will put a dent in our constant burrito cravings. And the verdict? . . . . It'll do. Nana Mexico is by no stretch of the imagination a Mexican restaurant, but it does a fairly decent job of wrapping beans (with mushrooms?), rice, fajita style veggies, sour cream, and what passes for guacamole into a tortilla like wrap. We also managed to purchase some salsa that tastes a bit like salsa instead of just sugary tomato ketchup.

In other exciting news, on Thursday night Devin and I did actually attend one of the talks from The Festival of Ideas and it was rather entertaining. It was an hour long discussion entertaining talk that consisted of a panel of biologists/scientists discussing themes of evolution in a game show style format.  It was based on the show Just a Minute, where people have one minute to speak on a topic without repetition, hesitation or deviation from the topic. If any other contestant wants to challenge the speaker they hit a button and if they have correctly challenged what time is left in the minute is transfered to them. The person who is speaking when the one-minute timer goes off, wins a point. It was a good time, though a bit hard to hear as it took place inside the Museum of Zoology so the acoustics were terrible. Fantastic setting to drink a glass of wine, and watch a live game show though! Sorry I didn't take any pictures!

Afterwards we went to a noodle house near the river Cam called Dojo. The place was packed for 8:00pm on a Thursday night, which is a good sign.  Devin had veggie Pad Thai, I had veggie Udon. Both dishes got the job done, but neither were very flavorful or exciting. We'll try it again, but likely order something different or more unique. 

Tonight we attend a Cambridge Ghost Walk where we'll get a guided tour of all the "haunted" parts of Cambridge. Since we went on Daylight Savings Time this weekend it's getting good and dark here by 5:00pm, hopefully this will make for a dark and spooky ghost tour! So far the spookiest thing about Cambridge for me are the job prospects (Wah, wah.)

Hope everyone back home is staying safe and warm during Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Obamany.
Get out there and vote, or rather, stay in and stay warm and vote by absentee!

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