Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Selwyn College & Coton Reserve

Yesterday I had my first lunch "in college". This is a fancy English way of saying, I visited a college, and ate lunch in their dorm cafeteria, but super fancy-like. Think Hogwarts, but without the robes, mail delivery by owl, and floating candelabras (I know, I was disappointed too).

The college I visited is named Selwyn College. About 14 of us were taken as a small group of Newcomers/Visiting Scholars by the wife of the former college Master. Only 10 of us had reserved spots at the lunch, but about 12 of us managed to sneak in (you know who you are!). Here are a few snapshots for you to enjoy. Oh, but I didn't take a single one of the dining hall. Sorry. I felt dorky enough just being a guest eating a potato with tofu, I couldn't bring myself to take photos of the undergraduates as they ate.

Selwyn Chapel Exterior
Selwyn Chapel

Just a few acres of Selwyn College (Click to view larger)
 And I'm sure you're starting to get sick of sunset pictures from my apartment flat, but too bad. It's all just too pretty not to post. There is so much beautiful light in Cambridge. I like to call it "God-light" because the landscapes often look like a Hallmark card or the pamphlet you get when you go to someone's funeral a church service.

Today (Happy Halloween!) got off to a beautiful start. Shortly after Devin left for work, I watered all the house plants, cleaned the abode up a bit (how are there always crumbs on the floor?), and went for a walk in the sunshine. (SUNSHINE!) Then I wandered over to my favorite Coton Reserve for a walk. Here are a couple of snapshots from the trail.

This is   my favorite one of the day.

And finally, in celebration of Halloween I must share with you the story of the Cambridge Manatee. Last night at dinner Devo informed me that at his lab today they were having a contest to see who had the most neat-o carved vegetable (or something like that). He poked around in our kitchen and pulled out a potato, studied it's profile for a moment and exclaimed, "It looks like a Manatee. Done!" For the next hour or so he carved little fins and a tail for the manatee, stuck a map-pin in for it's eyeball and put all the bits and pieces into a water filled soup container for safe keeping. Today he left for work with the disassembled manatee in the pocket of his backpack. A few hours later I got this photo in a text message. The awesome thing that you can't see is that he carved out the belly of the manatee and inserted a discarded/broken flashing bike light, so it GLOWS! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Cambridge Manatee was born.

Devin's Manatee

While I didn't carve a vegetable of any sort this Halloween (so sad!), nor did I dress up in any way (again with the sad!), I did buy a pair of scissors and finally cut my bangs properly. 

Boo! I'm hiding.

Happy Halloween to you all! 
Be safe! Check the candy for drugs!

And to all my east coast friends. Thank goodness it's over.
Hope you're all healthy, dry and safe.

Taken by my friend Sagi. Long Island City, NY. Post Sandy


  1. Happy Halloween ~
    I am hiding.
    your ghost friend.wuwu~~

  2. I thought to take photo of the dining hall,but it looks silly.and i was silly enough that day.