Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ordering Groceries Online

It's not something I'm altogether unfamiliar with.  After-all, I was a loyal Planet Organics customer for many years until I got tired of shopping online late on a Sunday night, frantically filling my "basket" with foods I knew how to cook or eat.  Shopping for organic food online became utterly unromantic, and made me feel even more removed from what I was eating and buying, especially when I could just walk to the Farmer's Market up the street.  And so I stopped grocery shopping online and went back to the usual way, buying food in person, from a stand, a market, The Bowl (oh how I miss you).

But now we're in England, with no car, and as of yet no paneer bags for our cycles, (crate-of-belongings to into port on the 4th!), and getting a substantial amount of food home has become a bit of a hassle. After hearing from multiple people that ordering groceries for delivery was de rigueur in Cambridge, and much of the UK for that matter, we jumped on board.

Our first delivery arrived today, on time, and in great shape.  The delivery man (Lee) was very nice, but appeared very tired in all ways, but regardless he was informative, chipper and very helpful. As he placed all the groceries on the kitchen counter he encouraged me to check all the bags and the produce to make sure it was in good condition and to my liking.  He even opened the eggs to make sure they were unbroken, and spied a small crack on one egg of the dozen and said he'd give them to me for free if I still wanted them (Organic, cage free, groovy eggs? For free? Yes please!).

After he left, I started putting away the the plethora of goods that had just magically appeared in my kitchen and came across some salad greens that confused me.  Admittedly, when I placed the order online, the cart didn't get saved each time I walked away from the computer, so I ended up filling my cart 3 times so I wasn't exactly in my best shopping-form when I finally placed the order, but still . . .

The greens (there were two bundles) came in little cellophane baskets, and all the leaves were standing upright . . . Upon further inspection I realized they were still growing in trays of dirt! According to the label, I had ordered two "living salads".  Hmmmm.

To keep your living salad alive and fresh follow our two step good practice guide. Roll down bag until level with top of the tray and water as required. Place on window sill and harvest living salad as required.

So for £2, I have 2 living salads which I think we'll have to place in the bedroom as our living room has no window sill to speak of.

Besides that little mishap, and forgetting to order peanut butter and regular butter (gasp!) it appears to be a pretty lovely experience.  For this order we went with Sainsbury's, but we might try out a few others such as Tesco, or even one of the smaller companies I see advertised on the flyers downstairs.

Ahhhh, to have more food in the house than can fit in my backpack, I feel surrounded in abundance!
And with the living salad in house, I can check houseplants off the list of 'Things to Buy'!

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  1. Amen, Sister. Groceries magically appearing in the kitchen without me schlepping them on foot or by cycle is a beautiful thing! And when I first realized that my salad greens were alive I thought it was cool, but somehow little flats of lettuce on the kitchen counter weren't quite the same as houseplant and I was glad to be done with them. This week I ordered "little gems" instead and was shocked to see that they are not little at all, but itty bitty!! One of these days we'll figure the greens out...