Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Memory

I learned some sad news.

A patient I cared for deeply has transitioned from this life into the next world.
A young woman I admire a great deal.
Whom I have had the privilege of spending many hours alongside.
Whose Mother is a true Mama Bear.
Fierce, compassionate, loving and true.

From the beginning she'd been dealt a bitter hand.
The deck was always stacked against her.
But for two years she beat the odds, and truly seemed to live with cancer.

When I last saw her in June, right before we moved away from California she and I spent an hour talking in her clinic room as her doctor's and nurses came and went.
They'd found shadows in her lungs.
They'd visited other doctors, other hospitals.
She told me she didn't feel like she had cancer. She didn't feel sick.
That maybe they were wrong.

But if they weren't it would be what it would be.
She had learned so much since being diagnosed.
Coped with so many transitions, so many changes.
Her voice though weak from interventions, had grown strong in spirit.
She learned it was okay to feel it all.

Thank you for letting me into your life D.
For showing me what it means to live a life.
It is an honor to hold you in my mind, and carry you in my heart.

May you continue to be touched by grace.

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