Thursday, October 11, 2012

Catching Up

It's time for another installment of: Life In Cambridge: The Bullet Points
  • We took several walks this past weekend. Both in town, and near where we live in West Cambridge. Our flat is on the edge of town and there's not much around us but fields, a smattering of University buildings, and the campus for Veterinary Medicine. This makes for an interesting walk.

Blackberry bushes everywhere 

Devin walking near the Vet school.


A few of the horses near our home.

  • And, we went to church. This was a funny moment for both of us. There's a thing that happens at all the University Chapels each evening called Evensong. Really it's just the last church service of the day, but there is generally a lovely choir that sings throughout the service, filling these 14th & 15th century chapels with beautiful song. We wandered into one such service at Gonville & Caius College chapel to hear the music, not fully realizing until we were seated in an uncomfortable wooden pew, that we were attending a proper church service. Stand. Sit. Kneel. Pray. Repeat. It was a throwback to my youth when I attended St.Thomas Episcopal church. The ritual and robes familiar to a life I lived many years ago.
  • The photos below are from Pembroke College and Chapel as I didn't snap any during the Sunday Evensong, but visited Pembroke on Tuesday and snapped some there.  Both chapels were very similar and had beautiful, ornate details.

Carvings that stare at you during service

Pembroke College Chapel

Pembroke College

  • Our evening walk on Sunday took us throughout town, and along the river Cam

Narrowboats on The Cam

Punts near Queens College

Jesus Green

  • On Wednesday I went to the nearby village of Coton with my friends Andrea and Amber in search of houseplants at the local garden center. We had a lovely time and even grabbed some lunch at the garden center's café I managed to get one plant home thanks to a backpack for the terra cotta pot, and Andrea's wicker bike basket for the plant itself. Today I cycle to Andrea's for potting soil. Living without a car sure makes for some entertaining cycle trips. I really need to install a basket of some sort on my bike . . .

Heather. Spraypainted. 

1st Houseplant!

  •  I taught myself how to follow a crochet pattern. Finally. I've only been crocheting for about 14 years! I found this simple hat pattern through Ravelry and made it in about 4 days. Turned out okay for a first time hat, but it's way to small.  I neglected to actually use the correct size hook and yarn, so it might fit a toddler with a small head. I'm planning on giving it away at craft group this morning, if anyone will take it!

Hat in progress

Poorly photographed finished hat
  • Last night we went to a wine reception at The Cambridge University Press, which is the oldest press in the United Kingdom dating back to 1534.  The actual bookstore where the reception was held is the oldest bookstore in the UK, dating to 1581!  At the reception I saw a number of people I'm getting to know through the Newcomers & Visiting Scholar's group, and was able to introduce Devin to a few people.  Also, I met two new women who each had contacts for me in the field of Art Therapy!  One an Occupational Therapist who is in a student placement at Fulborn Hospital (mental health) which has a large Creative Arts Therapy team, and the other friends with an Art Therapist in private practice.  The more connections the better!
  • Tonight Devin and I will join his lab for Pub Quiz at this pub (The Alma).  Neither of us are very good at trivia, but we're going to give it a go.  Before pub quiz we're going to hit up the only Mexican restaurant in town, and hope that their burritos will be good enough to satisfy our craving.  Knock wood!
  • Update: Box-O-Belongings is on the ground!  Our crate arrived the UK on Sunday and we're told it should arrive in 7 to 10 days.  I cannot wait to have things like tall socks (I only packed ankle socks), art supplies, different clothes, Devin's bike, and our kitchen gear!  I did manage to cook a mean potato leek soup in our two camp cooking bowls the other night, but it will be nice to not have to face the challenges of living on camping gear in the home.
  • One other adventure in minimalist living I should share.  The other day I decided my bangs needed a trim.  Since we don't have any scissors, I asked Devo to bring a pair home from work for me to borrow.  He did, and I gave myself a little bang haircut.  He then took the borrowed scissors back to work.  Anyone who has ever cut their own hair knows, that you never get it right the first try.  And so, as the days went by I found multiple areas that I had missed, or that didn't quite get cut up enough.  With no scissors at home, I alternated between using our one sharp kitchen knife (Thanks Edie for the stocking stuffer!) and fingernail clippers.  Needless to say, my bangs look pretty awesome at the moment.  Ah, goodtimes.
  • That's it for now.  I'm off to the craft hour in our community room.  I've finally learned how to knit/pearl, and now I need to learn how to cast on!  What a sweet life.  Hope everyone is enjoying the fall, where ever you are.

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  1. I sense the spirit of Grandma Mary traveling around Cambridge with you. You're making her very happy!