Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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I've been homebound these past two days with migraine headaches and thus, have become a bit stir-crazy.  The headache is better today, and despite the three days of persistant fog and zero sunlight (which in my opinion, is the visual representation of what a migraine feels like inside my head) I'm going to bust out of the house for more than just my usual walk about.

Before I do that, I'm going to share with you some of the awesome things the internet has on it, which cheered me up.

Crazy about autumn? Loving the colors and the millions of things you can make with pumpkins?
Or are you like me, a little freaked out by all the hyper-autumnal blog-posts.  If you're in the latter group, you'll appreciate this post over at McSweeney's. A classic. (Thanks Alexina for the reminder)

And okay, I am a sucker for autumn photos so I encourage you to look at these 65 photos of autumnal happenings throughout the world. My favorite shots are of the conker championships which apparently is a "thing" here in the UK. (Devin, this is what Ottoline was talking about!)

That said, do check out these crazy  beautiful mountains in Danxia, China. What the heck!?

I may no longer be in the Bay Area, but I continue to keep up with my Book Club's book. This month it was/is The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides. He also wrote Middlesex, which I highly recommend. I'm not quite finished with The Marriage Plot yet, but I'm liking it alright.

From the blog Cup of Jo (a great blog!), I saw this original idea of a custom made game of Memory.  I shared this with a few friends of mine, but figure the whole blog-o-sphere could benefit from checking these out. With all the friends I have poppin out babies and living beautiful lives, you need to get on this and make a set. And then make a set for me because I'm too lazy to do it.

Take some valuable time out of your already too busy day and do these color quizes! The 4th one was my favorite because I had an almost perfect score. I'm trying to get Devin to do it so the next time he tells me his navy blue shirt is black I can just smile and nod knowing I scored a 3 when he scored a _ _?

And then there's this. Which I love for no other reason that it is simply, brilliant. (also found via Cup of Jo)

From Abbey Goes Design Scouting, a super simple pasta recipe for when you just don't give a damn but need to put food into your mouth.

From the artist Isaac Cordal, a new take on portraiture on found objects.

From Isaac Cordal Website

A fabric jellyfish installation in Portland. Beautiful. Just plain beautiful.

Peanut Butter. REAL peanut butter + treats = Nuff said.

And related to that note, as soon as our ^%$^*&(^&*!!!! box arrives I'll be trying this recipe.

I'd take this kitchen, or any of them. Sure, I'd live in there if you made me.

And since we're heading into the dark days of winter it's time to start making a list of films to see. I'd adding this to my list. How do you think Anthony Hopkins will do? (another stolen post from Cup of Jo)

Correction: It seems I've had a few (likely many more) typos in previous posts when I spoke about getting a panier bag for my bike. Apparently I referred to them as paneer bags. Oops! Thanks to Amber for pointing this out. I'd just like to say, on any given day they could be paneer bags, as I do so love Indian food and might be hauling the leftovers home in my paniers!

I'll leave you with this image. A simple visual reminder to Be Happy. 

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