Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Around The Web

I hope everyone's Tuesday is off to an otterly great start. Heh heh.

We had blustery winds all the night through (26 mph gusts) and awoke to the darkest, most socked-in sky. Blech. After getting caught (again) in a downpour yesterday afternoon I'm beginning to think I need to get myself a covered golf cart.

But I digress. Here's my latest installment of Around The Web.

If only this was how I was experiencing the rain in England.

A funny little thing we saw at the Stained Glass museum in Ely this past weekend (post to follow). I'm thinking the title would be a great band name.

Have you heard about the wonderful Tig Notaro? She's a fantastic comedienne who did a hilarious bit about being diagnosed with Cancer. Sounds morbid, but I found it hilarious. In the end it all turns out okay. Listen to some of the podcasts while you're cleaning, going for a walk or doing the dishes.
If you like the first link, you might consider buying the full performance from here.

For all my Mom and Dad friends out there.

Definitely going to have to go pose here for a photo once we get our butts to London!

Portraits from Postcards.

If we don't get some art on our apartment walls ASAP, this is what I'm going to do. Or maybe this.

Gotta love San Fran. If you can't use plastic bags, then use canvas bags that look plastic.

Minus the pink walls, I want this to be our bedroom.

Um yeah. This is very cool. And would be great until you had a toddler that deconstructed it all the time.

Sick of store bought veggie burgers? Try some of these tasty bites. I can't wait to make some when our kitchen finally arrives . . .

And we've had so many people tell us how they wish they were living abroad, taking an adventure, etc., etc.  Well now you can!  No more excuses!

That's it for now, more later!  If I don't get blown off the island . . . the winds are crazy out there! Yikes!

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