Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anglesey Abbey & Dahlias

 I'm not going to write a bunch of wordy details on this post because I think the photos speak for themselves, and do so more clearly than I ever could. Simply know this: Anglesey Abbey is a historic country house (first building on the property is thought to have been built between 1100 and 1135), previously a priory, that sits on 98 acres of manicured gardens.

Wisteria Vine

I was lucky to visit the grounds with two of my girlfriends Andrea and Amber (to keep with the alliteration theme of Anglesey Abbey) on a fairly decent day (we only got rained on once), and to catch a free guided tour of the grounds!

Click here to see how this birch tree grove looks in the spring! 

The Herbaceous Garden

The plants are taller than most people!

Prepare to see a few pictures of Dahlia flowers . . .

The UK has a National Collection of Dahlias

P.S. All Dahlia photos are unfiltered. Just Pure Dahlia beauty!
What a lovely day we spent walking through the grounds and learning about all the plants and history of the Abbey and it's sights. I think we might have to sneak back in to the Abbey at some point in full costume regalia and do a little recreation of times gone by. I'm pretty sure my friend Melinda would join me on this, and I think Amber might like too as well.  I hope to take Devin with me at some point soon, maybe for this Winter Lights event in a few months. If you ever come to Cambridge, the grounds are worth seeing, if for nothing more than to pretend you live here.  

Special Thanks to Andrea for my free admission pass to the Abbey!

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  1. Yes, I will don a costume and sneak into the Anglesey gardens with you so we can frolic around like we own the place. Maybe in the spring after those birch trees have been pressure washed!