Monday, October 29, 2012

A Man . . . And a Hurricane

If you want some real, gritty, true-life coverage of Hurricane Sandy click on over to my friend Geoff's webpage,  There you can find archival footage of previous storm coverage dating back to August 2011 where he covered Irene.

Video Still Image Capture from Geoff's Webpage

Geoff also happens to be a good writer, so if you haven't already read his book Wiffle Ball Summer, The Ride of the Elmoron, you should check that out too.

Some of you may recognize Geoff from "The Reading" he gave at our wedding this summer.
The professional photo you see of him on his website was from that day. Doesn't he look legit?
Thanks to Shannon for dressing your man to look sharp.


  1. It's all the way LIVE, Hayley! Madness!

  2. Indeed it is LIVE. I just watched some more LIVE coverage. VERY THRILLING. Keep it up Yoga. I'm lost without your news.