Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekend Around Town


So much to share with you!  I feel like I've not done a proper post for some time now.  The tales of adventure and photos that accompany them are piling up in my head an on the camera roll.

Enough!  Time to blog it out.

Last Friday
Devin's lab was taken on a tour of the Botanic Gardens, and I got to tag along! (Nah na,h nah nah, naaah-nah!) What a beautiful, historical garden with plants from all around the world.  The tour was about an hour and a half, so it felt like we barely scratched the surface of all it contains.  There were art students scattered throughout, sketching plants and landscapes on large format paper.  It made my fingers itchy to do some drawing.

After the tour we had lunch with a big group of employees from the Leyser lab.  Everyone Devin works with seems so nice, and so welcoming.  They even made cupcakes as a going away party for an undergraduate.  These are my kind of people!

This guys is sayin', "Yay Cupcakes!"

Later that afternoon I met a friend at the Fitzwilliam Museum in central Cambridge.  The museum is ALWAYS free.  It's a fantastic place, with gallery after gallery of works to explore.  We took a cursory sweep around the premise, and then had some tea in the café.  I had visited the Fitzwilliam on our last visit, and would like to go again so I can pick and choose the rooms I want to spend time in.  So wonderful and so important to have museums be free and open to the public (though I'm happy to support the arts financially as well).  Truly allows for you to take your time and absorb the artworks at you leisure.

Decanter. Wicked old. And with multiple animal heads.

Devin and I biked around Cambridge so I could show him areas he's not yet had a chance to see.
We visited part of town called Granta Place.  The area is full of discount shops, thrift stores and cafés. From there we walked down Mill Road a very eclectic strip with multiple foreign food markets, restaurants and of course more cafés.  We were pretty excited to find some super groovy stores, and finally found tempeh!  Though it was frozen (we don't have a freezer) and costly we bought it anyway.

Photo Credit
After throughly exploring the length of the street we stopped on our walk back north at Café de Paris and had some panini sandwiches and coffee.  We meandered through town back to our abode and crashed out for most the afternoon.  That night we ate dinner at India House, which was pretty tasty, but not my all time favorite.  I'm hoping we go to it's neighbor The Rice Boat sometime soon.  We ate at The Rice Boat on our previous visit and I liked it so much more than India House.  Just my personal preference.

We couldn't go home without visiting a pub to complete our day out.  We walked just over Mill Pond to a pub named, The Anchor.  The pub dates back to 1864 and sits directly alongside the River Cam. It's a rather spacious place, full bar and of course a full pub food menu. Devin got a tasty ale, and I ordered a face kicking peaty whisky, which Devin had to drink since I couldn't (I stole as much of his beer as possible instead).

Photo Credit

Rain. Rain. Rain.
Lots of internet surfing, reading books, and eating food.  That afternoon we Skyped with the O'Connor's and Oggel's as they were hanging out together in Santa Fe for the weekend.  Needless to say, Devin and I couldn't be more pleased that our parents all get along so famously (or so it seems!).  How perfect that they all like one another and actually hang out together when we aren't around! Absolutely fabulous! (Unintended British television program reference)

That evening we took a rainy walk along the path next to our field and then through different areas of the Coton Nature Reserve. We were popped out at this totally charming church smack in the middle of town (if you can call Coton a town).

We then started to wander back toward Cambridge and home soggy but happy for our adventure.  However in order to get back on the trail home, one must pass the Coton Pub, The Plough.  I think its pretty much impossible to pass up going into a warm dry pub, on a soggy Sunday night.  And so we drank two pints in this charming place, and ate olives and bread.  Oh so good.  Boy do we have it rough.

Photo Credit

A lovely way to end a lovely weekend.
It's pretty amazing to feel like you're on vacation with each adventure you undertake.
Definitely my favorite perk of living in a foreign country, even the small stuff is a new adventure!

Thanks for reading this epic post!  Congratulations on making it to the end!

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  1. Love this post! A pint or two at the Plough on a soggy sunday sounds so cozy! I think the Anchor is right across from one of the punt stations? if so, they have a super duper yummy organic stout there. I'll have to try and figure out what it was and whether I can buy it at a store and bring it home.