Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Week In Brief

Caught on bike in an ABSOLUTE DELUGE.
Banking Fiascos
Art Therapy Job Hunt. Major Push.

Attended Newcomers & Visiting Scholar's Coffee Hour @ University Centre
Purchased Art Supplies
Used New Art Supplies (!)
Art Therapy Job Hunt Continues
Pints The Elm Tree Pub with Devin's Lab-mates

Purchased Rain Pants & Wind Gloves (Refer to Monday)
Paneer Bag Hunting
Crossroads Care Open House & Interview-ish Thing
Epic Grocery Backpack Run (10 mile round trip ride)
Devin Goes to Pool. Devin Misses UC Berkeley Pools.

Knitting & Crochet Group (I'm knitting, I'm knitting!)
Art Therapy Job Hunting & Applications
Having Dinner at Koohinoor with Devin's Lab-mates

Friday (Tomorrow)
Anglesey Abbey with friends
More Banking. More Job Hunting.

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