Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Great Internet Blessing

Ah, to be online.  Untethered.  Freely streaming.

Amazing how many references I could make to being online and being out in nature.
Let me tell you, moving to a foreign country without internet or phones makes getting settled a bit of a hassle.  You have to actually talk to people and use paper maps.  Must be just like what the pilgrims experienced.  A hard life indeed.

But I digress.
We have the interwebs now.  Ahhhhhh.
And there's so much to tell you!

In list format (I love me some bullet points) this was yesterday:


  • Rode bike to Addenbrooke's Hospital to meet with a Music Therapist
  • LOVED the Music Therapist! (Instrument of choice: Accordion!)
  • Visited bike store #1.  Test rode an amazing bike.  Rode it to Devin's work.  Devin loved it too.
  • Tried to find another bike store.  Got lost.  Sat in grassy field, ate some snacks.

Lost and Snacking

  • Visited bike store #2.  Test rode a so-so hybrid bike. Dogged tourists. 'Eh' about the bike
  • Bought a Brie and to-MA-toe sandwich. Yum!  Ate in sun on crazy-old college steps.
  • Visited bike store #3.  Test rode the worst bike of them all.  Ew.
  • Returned rental bike. Walked past cows, finished sandwich.
  • Returned to bike store #1.  Purchased bike! As well as some bike accoutrements. 1 hour before bike was ready to ride.
  • Plopped down in pub (The Prince Regent).  Bought a pint from a bartender named Hayley.  Read through Music Therapy stuff from Addenbrooke's.  Invited Devin to ditch work and join me.
  • Devin joined me at pub.  More beer.  Picked up bike!
  • Rode to another pub (The Red Bull) known for their pizza.

The Red Bull Pub (Bad name, Good food)

  • Beer.  Pizza (so good!). Soup & Salad.
  • Bike ride through the cool night home.
  • Book reading and bedtime.

My Trusty New Steed

That's all for this post.
More tomorrow about my exciting trip to a new grocery store, waiting for the internet install guy, and learning to follow an actual crochet pattern.  Don't hold your breath!

Over and out.


  1. sounds like a great day and a great bike!

    also this:

  2. Bike envy!! She's a beaut! Have mucho fun riding.