Saturday, September 22, 2012

Telegrams. Full stop.

Lately I've been reading books that are set in the early 1900's through the 1940's.  Many of which feature London or the English countryside.  Between the books, and riding my bike through this crazy beautiful, historical town I've developed a sweet spot for old-fashioned things.

And then I happened upon this post, which got me kind of excited.
This is the company she speaks of in her post, and I think it's just a brilliant idea (if a tad bit expensive).
The nostalgic, ephemera-loving part of me really likes the idea of a telegram being sent in present day when we have the internets to connect us at the touch of a fingertip.  It got me thinking about the last time i wrote a letter or sent a postcard.  I think it must have been years ago when I was living in France or Florida (bit of a difference between those two locations and lifestyles . . .).  How many penmanships of your loved ones would you recognize today?  Would friends and family know a letter was from you just from seeing the handwriting in the address?

I realize letter writing is far different from telegram sending, but just the same . . .
Would you ever send a telegram or write a letter to a friend/family member instead of shooting off an email or a text message?

A Love Letter. Found at 490 41st Street, Oakland

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