Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer's Passing

Summer 2012

Our last summer sunrise in Buena Vista.
A cool 50 degrees at 8:03 AM.
The sun shines on Mt. Princeton, blazing white.
The sunshine over the Sleeping Indian, painting him in a deep brown silhouette.
The aspens on the mountain behind the house are just starting their autumn show of gold.
The afternoons are beginning to feel distinctly autumnal, as the sun begins it's southern course.

Yesterday a-washed in bittersweet feelings, reflecting on summer's end.
Hours spent reading on the front and back porch.
Cleaning the cabin for it's next visitors.
Eating the leftovers out of the fridge.
Preparing mental lists of the final preparations for departure.
From BV. From the US.

A walk up into the apen grove with Devin, my mind and heart felt heavy,
Despite the morning's joyful news.
We lay together on the hammock in the grove, the fading sunlight dappled on the leaves, on our skin.
Devin walks higher, I return to home.
He returns, sweetly smiling, holding a gift in his hand and heartfelt words in his heart.
Wrapping my bittersweet feelings in layers of warmth, understanding, hope and excitement.

One week from now if all goes smoothly as planned, we'll be arriving to our apartment in Cambridge.

8:40AM, BV
3:40PM, Cambridge

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