Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Week, Small Victories

Holes made gradually as water drops over a period of time           Photo Credit

I feel the need to list all the things we've accomplished in a week's time because the list ahead of us still feels long and arduous.  I'm hoping this list will be a cathartic exercise and make me feel as though I've actually done some things to help us settle.

  • Got Devin a working SIM card so we have some form of internet/communication
  • Registered with the utilities company
  • Scheduled an internet installation
  • Called to receive an application, to get an appointment, to register for our National Insurance number (notice the number of bureaucratic steps in that sentence)
  • Set up bank accounts
  • Successfully transfered bank funds (after a long Skype call with a US bank)
  • Completed all apartment inventory paperwork, hand delivered to accommodation service
  • Registered for Council Tax, hand delivered to tax office
  • Discovered my phone was in fact NOT unlocked, re-ordered the unlock from a dumb-dumb-head US phone company (!!!!!!)
  • Met multiple strangers/Attended 2 different newcomer groups
  • Purchased Whiskey (okay, that one was easy, but feels like a huge success!)

I'm really tempted to write a list of all the things that are in limbo, didn't work out smoothly, are driving me crazy, etc., etc. I'm going to stop myself from making that list because the point was for this post to have some level of catharsis, and if I go there I'm pretty confident I'll feel defeated. 

I'm now off to conquer the laundry machines.  Oh, to have coin-operated washers and dryers on the ground level of an altogether different building. . .  Berkeley outdoor-shed-non-coin-operated-machines, I didn't know how good I had it.

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  1. Hi H & D - thinking of you guys a lot, and I've been enjoying your blog posts, Hayley. Sounds like you are making tons of progress! I particularly enjoyed the otters holding hands this morning :-)