Friday, September 14, 2012

Edie's Pistou Soup

Here's the recipe I talked about yesterday, Pistou Soup!

Technically, it's not Edie's recipe.  It comes from the Moosewood Daily Special Cookbook, but I'm calling it Edie's recipe because she made it, and it was damn gooooooood and I want to give her due credit!

This is not a photo of Edie's soup but it looked similar to this.   Photo Credit

I know she made some modifications from the original recipe (substituted Pine Nuts for Hazelnuts, threw in some turnips and kale "because I didn't know what else to do with them"). Edie, feel free to comment and make corrections/additions accordingly.

While I could type this out like a responsible blogger, I'm going to post this blurry photo of the cookbook page instead.  If you can't read it . . . maybe you should just go by the cookbook instead.  It sounds like a good book to have on hand anyway!

Moosewood Daily Special Cookbook: Pistou Soup

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