Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day Zero & Day One

Our last day in the states (September 10th) was a good one.  

We tied up the final loose ends* in the morning over coffee and toast (Peanut Butter & Banana, the Breakfast of Champions), ran a final errand to the mall (Radio Shack for headphones and a headphone splitter for watching movies on the iPad), ate a bite of lunch (Edie's wonderful pisto soup, recipe coming soon!) and then jumped on Minty, the vespa and headed to the beautiful Bow Mar lake for a final summer swim.

The lake was perfect.  Since it's technically "closed" for the summer season we were the only two people there.  No lifeguards, no kids, no helicopter Moms.  Just us, the water, and the mountains.  We spent about an hour swimming and flopping around until it was time to head home and get dressed for our 5:15pm flight.

Edie and Greg drove us to the airport and helped us lift our terribly heavy (yet under 50lb) suitcases from the car to curb.  Our final goodbyes of the trip.  My heart feeling rung out like a washrag from all the transitioning, we walked into the Denver terminal and our England adventure finally, finally was underway.

* One of the best things we did for ourselves on this trip was to rent a taxi/car service from Heathrow Airport (London) to drive us in a private car to Cambridge.  We used Atlas Cabs and had a pleasant  1-hour 15 minute drive experience.  It wasn't cheap, but SO worth it after two plane rides over the Atlantic to have someone whisk us away and drop us off at our sight-unseen apartment door.  The alternative was a bus that would have taken 3 hours plus a transfer to taxicab once we reached Cambridge.  Long story short, do yourself a favor = use Atlas Cabs.

To Iceland

Iceland Sunrise

Waiting in Reyjavik
Home in Cambridge

Apartment View

Grocery Store Findings

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