Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Careers, Success and The Future

What's great about this post is that originally, when first I thought it up, it was going to have a totally different spin on it than it will now.

Originally this post was going to be about the uncertainty I was feeling around getting a job in England. Musings about after all the education I'd pushed myself through potentially not even being allowed to work in the field I'm honored to be a part of, and that I love. (England has a regulatory board that therapists and social workers must be approved by in order to even apply to jobs with specific job titles.)  I was going to share the struggle and journey of my applying to this regulatory board and the long 8 months I waited to hear back from them (which I'll write about in an upcoming post).

I was going to share this inspiring post from A Practical Wedding (which is a great website about much more than weddings) and share that I was feeling similarly to the author, and was secretly terrified that I wouldn't contribute to my marriage and our family in a way I felt was truly valuable.

And then yesterday morning I received one of the most satisfying emails of my life:

"Dear Hayley 

Thank you for your email. 

We have received confirmation from your graduate school.  
See attached letter regarding your acceptance to the Register. 

Yours sincerely 

Registration Advisor 
Health and Care Professions Council 
Park House, 184 Kennington Park Road 
London SE11 4BU"

In one brief moment at 7:00 in the morning, reading my emails in bed, my world shifted.  I felt changed, validated, successful, and finally HOPEFUL, truly hopeful that everything was really going to be okay.

According to England, I'm a Registered Art Therapist and can apply to Art Therapy jobs anywhere in the country. Finding that job is going to be a journey in itself which I'm sure I'll write about in the coming weeks with less gusto than I'm feeling right now.  However, right now after eight  l . o . n . g . months of waiting, wondering, nail-biting, and catastrophizing everything is just fine. In fact, things are great.

Hey America, check it out.
I'm a Registered Art Therapist, and that's BEFORE completing my 2000 post-graduate hours.

Undergraduate Collage:  Self-Portrait

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  1. Well done you!

    I made a bunch of those chocolate chip cookies for my buddies at work...If listen to the east I am sure you can hear them yumm yumm yumming!

    Congratulations...how exciting!!! And reaffirming!