Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blind Dinner Date Win!

Devin and I had our first social "blind date" tonight with a couple from the Seattle area.  I met A.B. (one half of the couple) from a Cambridge Newcomer & Visiting Scholar's group on The Book of Face.  

A.B. insisted on having her husband J.B. pick us up in their car and drive us to and from their lovely home in South Cambridge (a short 4 miles away, but a welcome car ride on a cool, windy evening).  A. & J. live in a LOVELY English house with two kitties (but we only laid eyes on one) and are an absolute wealth  of knowledge when it comes to getting settled and integrated into the Cambridge and UK life.  They've lived here approximately a year and seem to really love it here.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and I can't help but feel we've found a winning pair of friends! 

We spent three leisurely hours talking over wine, cheese, tasty salad and home-made individual pizzas. There wasn't a moment when conversation was lacking or when we were at odds with what to say next.  What a pleasure it was to meet them, and an encouraging introduction to our new social circle here in the shire. :-)

A.B. promised to introduce me to an extended group of people at a Tuesday morning coffee group, and tells me that when "term" begins there will be a wealth of events, lectures, and shows to attend.  She got me pretty jazzed about all there is to do in Cambridge.  I can't wait to learn about all the happenings around town.

Earlier today Devin went to the lab to meet his former boss from UC Berkeley.  She stopped by Cambridge on her way from Norwich, heading to Oxford.  Devin seemed to really enjoy catching up with her, talking shop about current work happenings, and sharing with her his newest adventure at the Sainsbury Institute.  I had planned to meet them for lunch, but since her train from Norwich was cancelled and she only had a couple of hours in town, the two of them spent the time together while I walked the trail around the fields near our home.

Most of my day was spent doing the following things in random, repetitive order:
·       Looking for a bike on (think Craigslist)
·       Walking along fallow fields.
·       Editing my resume (yes, I’m still working on that).
·       Job hunting on depressing internet job search sites, which lead to . . .
·       Researching yoga/meditation classes.
·       Seeking out and finding yarn and craft stores (Awesome ones, I might add!) (Michelle R. I thought specifically of you when I found this store that has its own Ravelry inventory!)
·       Building a personalized Google Map for all the things in Cambridge I thought would be useful to us or visiting guests.
·       Reading my latest novel: The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.
·       Eating cookies.

Since the only internet service we currently have is from Devin’s phone, he’s been leaving me with his phone, and sometimes takes my phone with him to work so he at least can tell what time it is.  When he returned from work today my phone had this awesome picture waiting for me.  And no, there’s no filter on this picture, that’s just how a plaque looks when HRH The Queen of England has blessed a building.

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  1. So happy you two are making some great friends! that shop carries malabringo which i <3 but have a truly hard time getting stateside. you'll have to knit a hexipuff or two!