Monday, September 17, 2012

Biking in Cambridge


2.1 miles:  Home to JobCenter for National Insurance application
1.7 miles: JobCenter to Bee Hive shopping area
2.2 miles: Bee Hive to Bicycle Shop
0.3 miles: Bicycle Shop to Cell Phone Store
0.1 miles: Cell Phone Store to Bank
0.4 miles: Bank to Grocery
1.5 miles: Grocery to Home

8.3 miles of bike riding around town today. Granted it's all flat, but my excuse for my fatigue is that there's a strong headwind any time you head west, and my rental bike is a tank.

The best part of the my bike tour today was that I took the path all along the river near the northern edge of town.  A beautiful ride, surrounded by green fields of grass, colorful narrow river boats and grazing cows. (Yep. Cows graze in town on the park grasses!)

Photo Credit and Cute Blog Post

Seeing all the Narrowboats lined up along the River Cam got me thinking . . . Maybe when we go on holiday sometime we'll rent one of the narrow boats and go explore the waterways of England!

Wikipedia Photo

Now home, drinking peppermint and eucalyptus tea, going through my RSS feeds, and preparing to dig back into my book

Incase you feel like continuing to read from the web check out:
A new post from one of my favorite blogs: Reclaiming Wife.  I definitely found myself relating to a few things she said in her article.  Worth a read if you and your partner have ever moved or considered moving (abroad or otherwise).

Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week.
Happy Monday!

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