Friday, September 7, 2012

36 Hours and Shopping

In preparing for a flight to England that is a short 36 hours away, after a YEAR of planning and a long summer of anticipating,  I found a way to cope.

I went shopping.

With my Mom.

At a mall,  at Target, and at Whole Foods.

And it was good. But damn if I couldn't find any jeans! Gap, what's going on with the ugly jeans this season? Seriously? (I didn't try this on, but pul-lease!)

Here are a few highlights, because I'm sure you're all dying to know what I purchased in the last desperate throes before moving to a land where Target does not exist.

Lip balm from eos.  This strange (yet fabulous) ball (or clown nosed) shaped stuff that my dear sweet friend Katie Craft introduced me to.  It's the smoothest, most lovely and yet somewhat awkward lip balm I've ever put on.  I'm a bit worried Devin won't like the scent, but he's suffered through worse lip balm seasons, so he'll be just fine.  Heck, we're newlyweds.  He's got to persevere.

And then there are the green pants I got when I couldn't find jeans.
Green pants are great.  I've wanted a pair, and am glad to own some now. 
I hope I wear them.  I may not.  But oh well, they are green and lovely.  And they aren't as baggy on me as they are on this model.  Also, I will NOT be wearing those shoes.

Additionally I purchased two new scarves, a new lip tint, and and two long-sleeve Smart Wool shirts.  I figure now that summer is just about ka-put in Colorado and we're arriving to 60 degree temps with rain, I'll need to scarf up and put on some warm long-sleeve shirts.  Without a car to block the breezy drizzle I'll be depending on my clothing to step up the game as I cycle through town.  The lip tint is another strategic purchase because I anticipate my lips will turn blue and might need some color so as not to appear as a corpse.

In other, more important news, I have a coffee date with a music therapist from Addenbrooke's Hospital (the huge National Health Services hospital in Cambridge) the Wednesday after I arrive to talk shop about the creative therapies. In preparation for this meeting and in anticipation of other potential professional networking opportunities, I'll be working on my resume the rest of the weekend.  (Let's give one more cheer for being a registered Art Therapist in the UK! Whoot whoot!)

Tomorrow, a haircut, some resume prep, and burning CD's of wedding photos to gift to my dear family.  Tonight, a Whole Foods buffet and some "trash TV" with the family.  

Oh America.  I'm gonna miss you.

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  1. I hear ya on the jeans!! I had a rare *day off* a couple weeks ago and attempted to purchase a few things for my totally outdated wardrobe. I wasn't very successful because I haven't been willing to wear "skinny" jeans. I'm not sure I'll be able to avoid it anothe They don't look comfortable to me!! It appears they aren't selling much else however...and hear is my dilemma - stay comfortable or young?