Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding Balance

On July 14th not only did I get married, Devin and I started our Family. (No, I'm not pregnant.)

Our Own Little Unit.  A Team of Two.

Sure, for years we'd been working together toward common goals, bouncing ideas off one another, choosing to compromise on small (and sometimes big) items in our lives, but once we got married we solidified our pact to be Team Devin & Hayley.  Even though we don't have kids, a pet, or at even a home with all our belongings, we have one another and this constitues A Family.  And in my mind this little nugget of home we're creating together must take priority over all outside influences, it is the thing we must protect and treasure first and foremost over other things.

We have 17 short days left before we hop on a plane to England and we've chosen to spend those days in a place we love more than anywhere else.  We invited everyone we know to join us for any and all of our time in this lovely place, some have been able to take us up on the invitation, while others wanted to but couldn't.  Is spending our last couple of weeks in the mountains away from people we love the right thing to do?  Is this a popular decision the hearts and minds of our friends and families?  Shouldn't we be squeezing in every last second with our family and friends instead of in isolation with just one another?  The answer for us, for our new little family was simply, No.

We will never have this time in our lives again, these blessed few weeks together as newly-weds.  This is the time to gather some acorns of serenity and store them away for our upcoming adventure.  It's now that we can build beautiful memories to reflect on when our plane lands across the Atlantic ocean and we're dropped into a foreign land and life.

As soon as we hit the ground in England Devin heads to a new job with a ton of work on his plate, and I'll be pounding the pavement looking for work that I not only like, but hopefully love.  Our family will be tested in ways it's never been tested before, put under new stresses of living in a foreign country, with limited income, with no social network, with 5 - 8 hours of time difference between ourselves and the ones we love.

I have no doubt that in a short few weeks we'll find our new rhythm, make a few friends, and learn our way about town.  But when the English clouds roll in, and the sun eeks low across the horizon in the winter months, and we feel far away from "home", we'll have our new family, fortified with summertime memories to help get us through to spring.

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