Thursday, August 2, 2012


Talk to me people, what do you know about the author Nora Ephron?

I've never read any of her books, but think I've seen a few of the movies she wrote/directed.
Sure, I could go on the interwebs and research her but I'd rather hear from you.

Since I'm on the longest vacation of my life I'm interested in finding some new authors to read. I'd like to add some names to my list of favorites.  Which books have you read again and again, which do you immediately recommend to people when they ask you what your book favorite is?

Along those lines, what activities or hobbies do you wish you had more time for?
Send me your list and I'll send you pictures of me doing the things you do don't have time for.

Lucky You!


  1. Hi there,

    I have had 2 weeks to read... a has been to hot here to do anything here is my list:

    State of Wonder by Ann Patchett (I love her book "Truth and Beauty" about friendship!) Bel Canto is on my Interlibrary Loan List!

    The Informationist and The Innocent by Taylor Stevens...did you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...these are similar with a similary tortured heroine, but shorter! Stevens was raised in the Children of God Cult and has an interesting take on life.

    Salvage the Bones by Jesamyn Ward....whooo....a black family preparing for Katrina...not an easy read...but very well done.

    Now ...I read these earlier but I think they are amazing...If I stay and the sequel Where she went by Gayle Forman...technically a young adult novel...but so beautifully written and sad. Also, considered young adult...The fault in our stars by john green. Again...sad, but so good.

    Over our vaca I read the Steve Jobs bio by Walter Issacson...very good. Good gift for Greg once he is out of mourning.

    On my table now...Bring up the bones by Hilary I have not read the first one "Wolf Hall...but lets face it we all know how the stories of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII and Anne Boelyn end...

    Will that keep you out of trouble for a bit...enjoy your break...and thanks for your bookclub reviews...I just read "you know when the men are gone"....oh good. And since we seem determined in the country to forget that there is a WAR going on, a very timely book.

    Be well...


  2. About Nora is Gayle Collins of the New York Times writing about the death of her dear friend.

    I hope this comes through...also...If you listen to Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR there is an interview from a few years back that is delightful. I think you could find it on the Fresh Air website.

    She was a wonderful woman who tried to make life better for the rest of us....

  3. Are you in BV...if you take a jaunt down to Salida...Please go visit Steph in the Green Cat Gallery...124 G St....Moonlight Pizza....very yummy...and Culture Clash Gallery on F St....