Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Club - March

Host: Hayley Oggel
Date: March 20th, Tuesday
Book: The Sister's Brothers by Patrick DeWitt
Food Theme: Favorite Foods to Eat When Camping

Due to the fact that I am once again, WAY behind updating the blog, and most importantly the Book Club section of the blog I'm going to keep these retrospective updates short and sweet.

I think besides the fact that we all really liked this book (if my memory seves me correctly), the most exciting news in our Book Club circle this month is that our very own Jessie Murphy is expecting a baby! Jessie announced this exciting news to our group on March 9th at a wine tasting in Alameda. Her virgin soda with a twist of lime gave her away! Currently we know that Jessie and Lucas are expecting a baby girl around the end of October or in early November. 

I think I speak for the Book Club collective that we are SO EXCITED to welcome yet another to the BC2 generation. Trixie, since you're already into walking and talking we'll expect you to get Baby Murphlton up to speed on the reading thing.  And Baby Murphlton, we look forward to meeting you and celebrating your arrival and life on this blue & green marble we call earth.

Congratulations Jessie and Lucas!!

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