Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Club - April (The Overnight!)

Host: The Farm of a woman named Willow
Location: Point Reyes & Nicasio, California
Book: Hmmmm . . . I can't recall! (Anyone remember?)
Date: April 21 & 22, Saturday/Sunday
Theme: Hikes, Snacks, Tasty Food, Games, Surprise Bachelorette, and Pure Joy

We had long spoken of having a Book Club overnight, and in April 2012 it finally came to pass. Thanks to the collaborative planning and scheduling efforts of all (with Jessie's efforts topping the list on finding a location) we had a great two day break from the urban Bay Area and spent a lovely weekend in the areas of Point Reyes and Nicasio.

The day started off around 9:00 AM, a two car caravan set to meet in Point Reyes Station at Bovine Bakery for breakfast and snacks. From there we headed to the coast for a lovely hike through golden hills and a picnic at the oceanside.

The hike was lovely, complete with seeing horses running on the beach, no sand in our picnic, lots of sunshine, a cool breeze and just enough exercise to break a sweat. We piled back in our cars and headed for Nicasio where we would be staying for the night in the cutest cabin you ever did see.  As soon as we arrived everyone jumped into making hors d'oeuvres.  As we settled in to cocktail hour I was soon surprised by these fabulous women with an impromptu bachelorette party, complete with party plates, lingerie, and a game in the style of The Newlywed Game television show. The only downfall of cocktail hour was as the evening went on a few of us realized that during the hike the sun had been much hotter on our skin than we'd realized.

Before dinner we took a short walk through the field to catch a glimpse of the sunset over the valley. The dear Anna had to leave just before this moment to go home to her beautiful family, but in my mind she was with us as we wandered through the field. This might have been my favorite moment of the entire trip. Time seemed to slow down and for a brief pause time stood still and I felt an overwhelming love for these ladies who I've come to know and appreciate throughout my years in California.

After our walk, the evening turned to dinner, then to games and dessert, and finally into a much welcomed sleep (which was more restful for some than it was for others . . . thanks a lot sunburn!).
The weekend was a perfect mix of sentimental mushy gooshy, deep appreciation, deep belly laughter, and of couse a stockpile of memories for years to come.  

Thanks ladies for making this weekend happen. It's one I'll always treasure, and will never forget.

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