Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Practical Wedding

I want to share with you all a FANTASTIC blog that all women (and perhaps men) should read when they're about to enter into marriage.

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A Practical Wedding

A sound resource for those who are already married, and for those who are hoping to one day enter into the union of marriage (whatever that might mean to you and your partner).  Be sure to check into the section, Reclaiming Wife while you're over there.

I am thankful for the very real and truthful ways in which the various writers speak to the issues that surround marriage and weddings.  The bittersweet reality of what it means to take a partner into your life for, well . . . the rest of your life.  I appreciate how they celebrate the joy, the union, the commitment as well as the trials, transition and loss that any marriage will inevitably face in the course of it's life.

I wish I'd found this blog about a year before I got engaged . . . It's helped me navigate the world of weddings and marriage since finding it and I hope it helps you, or someone you know find a quiet, calming place amongst what can be the chaos of commitment.

Also, one of the women who started the blog recently had a book published if you're interested in a more tangible version of the written wisdom. Buy it here! Or here!

Thank you the the entire APW team for creating such a dynamic and important space for couples to use as a support and resource!

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