Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bay Area Bucket List: Mt.Tamilpais

The Bucket List was intended to be what it sounds like, a list of things to do before we left the Bay Area. We did many thing, but not all.  Near the end, or rather, well before our time was up we somehow became too insanely busy to do all the items we'd listed on our calendar.  One by one we deleted scheduled items from the list as more pressing things demanded our attention.  We did manage to get a few gems in there though, and this was one of them.

February 4th, 2012

Me and the boys.  Devin, Chris Myself & Wes atop Mt.Tamilpais.

I'd never even driven to the top of Mt.Tam, let alone hiked to the summit.  It's a mere 2,752 ft, but still worth hiking to the top if you're coming from the elevation of Berkeley (I half heartedly tried to find what elevation our home is, but have given up . . .)

It was a relatively easy hike on a wide trail with decent views most of the way up to the top.  The path was shady since we went up the north-east route, but when we found the sunshine the day was warm and lovely.

Little did I know you could take a car up to almost the tippy-top of the mountain, and there were many cars and bikes ahead of us by the time we reached the summit.  We scrambled around on the rocky top, popping a squat alongside the stone and mortar ranger station as we chomped into our snacks and sandwiches.  

The hike down was warmer and more simple than the way up, as the way down often is.  When you don't  know what's ahead of you the experience is strong and dramatic.  But when you've been there before things are a bit more dull and predictable.

Once we'd returned to our car and made our way back to the East Bay we met up with Chris' wife Kate and bought bags full of tasty, hot vegan soul food and strolled down to the waterfront at Jack London Square to enjoy the view as we devoured our tasty crispies (check the menu, it's a sandwich made in heaven!)

This summer Devo and I hope to conquer many a peak and trail on our way to Colorado, most of them well above the 2,700 ft mark.  But as far as Bay Area peaks go, this one was simply a gem. Worthwhile with breathtaking views from the top.

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