Sunday, January 15, 2012

Save The Date

Well, we did it. We invited a ton of people to our wedding.
The "Save the Date" along with our wedding website went out this morning after much research and data entry.

The big items are checked off the 'To Do' list so now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty.
Decorations, Flowers, Music, Tablecloths . . . all the fine print.

It's amazing to think how quickly things have come together considering D and I have only been engaged since last August (5 months). On the flip side, to think that we'll actually be standing in front of all of our friends and family in July (6 months) it feels like we've got so much to do we'll never get it all done. I say this not so much with regards to the wedding as to the fact that before we get married we need to MOVE!

The Grand Plan
We have high hopes for this summer, much of which is likely achievable if we really dig our heels in and get stuff done. We hope to complete our jobs (and for Devin to complete his PhD) by the end of May. Leading up to May we'll be applying for our UK Visa, selling unwanted possessions,  packing boxes 'For Storage' & 'For England' and completing our Bay Area Bucket List (See other post). At the end of May we'll have a grand Bon-voyage BBQ with all of our friends and co-workers and then take to the road for a 4-5 week road-trip, first stop, Yosemite.

We haven't planned all the details of the road-trip yet (i.e. no planning whatsoever) but aspire to spend a chunk of time in the Sierra's, stumble around all over Utah, and finally end up someplace in the Rockies before landing in Denver around the 4th of July-ish.

Then, badda-boom-badda-bing: WEDDING

And then, back into the Rocky Mountains (Buena Vista)! After the wedding we hope to decompress a bit from the move, road-trip, and wedding festivities, and have some quality down-time. We welcome any and all friends and family to join us while we spend time in BV since it might be the last we see of you before moving to England! We anticipate that we'll head to Cambridge sometime in August or early September to begin the exciting next chapter of our lives!

See what I mean about having a lot to get done? Oofta!
But what a fantastic to-do list to work our way through.
Damn we're lucky.

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