Monday, January 30, 2012

Found Paintings



I've had this painting from the artist Tom Lieber hanging on my bulletin board for many months.
I picked the card from a pile of gallery announcement cards that we kept at my old internship site. We used the cards in a classroom setting to prompt group discussions, or to inspire art-making. I was drawn to this painting in particular and brought it home with me. Since then I've glanced at it from time to time and have even considered digging my acrylic paints out form the shed, to try my hand at painting with something other than watercolors. The moment slips by, weeks pass and sometime later I end up staring at the card, and the cycle begins again. Paintings like Lieber's make my fingers itch for gobs of silky paints, smooth paper, and a space I can make messy without feeling the need to clean it up when I'm done for the day.

Other artists that make my fingers itch to create:
Hung Liu
Lisa Kokin
Mark Rothko
Richard Diebenkorn
Mary Cassatt
Monroe Hodder

And some lesser known, but extremely creative and wonderful artists from Creative Growth in Oakland as well as Creativity Explored in San Francisco:
Dan Miller
Mary Belknap

What or who inspires you to do, to make, to create?
And what stops you from doing it?

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